Analysis of the Potential to Enter the Medical Market

A start-up operating on the local market was considering international expansion and was looking for information on the imaging diagnostics market in Poland.

The report prepared by CIVITTA experts presented a general picture of the market and pointed out important risk factors to consider before deciding to enter the Polish medical market.

Verification of the market entry strategy

The company offering an innovative solution in the field of imaging diagnostics planned to expand its operations to new markets. Before making the final decision, they needed to obtain information about the Polish medical market, with particular emphasis on the public sector.

The scope of information sought and analyzed by CIVITTA consultants included topics such as:

  • the organisation of tenders in the area of imaging diagnostics,
  • requirements for the tenders,
  • volume and structure of orders,
  • leading players on the market (both on the side of companies winning and organizing the tenders),
  • potential market entry barriers.

Expert knowledge and data analysis

Interviews with direct market participants were the most important elements of the project. The information obtained in this way allowed CIVITTA consultants to verify the initial hypotheses and determine further stages of the project.

During the analysis, key data on the structure of the diagnostic imaging market was identified. The market picture was supplemented by the analysis presenting examples of the tender procedures.

Good knowledge of the healthcare sector in Poland allowed CIVITTA consultants to provide critical results to the client in a short time.

Verification of the initial hypotheses

The report prepared by CIVITTA experts showed significant differences between the Polish market and the market on which the client was operating so far.

During the analysis, the consultants verified the client's initial assumptions regarding the market entry strategy and identified significant risks associated with the introduction of the solution on the Polish market using the current business model.

Before deciding to enter a new market, it is worth contacting local experts and obtaining information about the most important local market characteristics. Sometimes differences between individual markets cause that the same strategy cannot be used in the current and new markets.

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