Announcing new Associate Partners - August 2022

We are pleased to announce the continued growth of our company with the promotions of Oleksandr Volik and Jurga Mečinskienė to Associate Partners in CIVITTA.


Jurga Mečinskienė joined CIVITTA in early 2018 and prior to her work in CIVITTA, she had an extensive career in communications, project management and fundraising. Jurga developed a reputation as a great people leader in the Lithuanian Innovation team. As a Project Manager in CIVITTA, Jurga has successfully led several large-scale Horizon projects and has been developing strong connections with potential consortia collaborators for future opportunities. She was behind one of the largest grants awarded to CIVITTA, a project to foster collaboration between European startups and India. Her future program is to help in managing the existing Lithuanian Innovation team, and also identify new European-level opportunities which are focused on the impact on the innovation ecosystem. 

"The European startup ecosystem has immense potential. Our mission is to use the funding instruments available to help unlock opportunities for startups and take them on the path of accelerated growth."

- Jurga Mečinskienė


Oleksandr Volik joined CIVITTA Ukraine in 2017. Oleksandr tried projects across various streams in his home country but later moved to the Latvian office in 2020 to develop know-how in the private sector in the Baltics and in international projects. Oleksandr is a great example of fast growth within the company. During his 5 years in the company, he has become a leader for countless colleagues in the Private stream internationally (in the Baltics, but also in Ukraine, Moldova, Denmark, and the Balkans). Today Oleksandr focuses on Strategy, Growth, International Expansion, and Transactions Support working with private companies and equity funds across multiple regions. In the future, Oleksandr looks forward to enhancing the company’s private sector footprint by developing client work and hiring more bright analysts, not just in the Baltics and Nordics but also in Ukraine and countries of the Balkans.

"We are going to have a challenging year ahead of us. The Russian aggression against Ukraine triggered multiple social and economic risks. Now companies need to consider potential needs for near-shoring and strengthening their supply chains, actions to successfully protect their margins in the face of a potential recession, and overall strategies to navigate the ever-growing complexity of the business environment. My focus will be on defending & strengthening our position as a reliable intellectual partner to our clients. Together with our clients, we can build more resilient and dynamic businesses, as well as communities where we live - which is a strategic goal for me".  

- Oleksandr Volik


We are honoured that we have Oleksandr and Jurga as Associate Partners in CIVITTA and we look forward to their ambitious projects!