Announcing new Associate Partners - February 2022

We are pleased to announce the continued growth of our company with the promotions of Kadri Adrat, Kamila Jabłonowska, Baiba Ebuliņa, Przemysław Loranc, Anton Gomelkov and Reinhold Stadler in CIVITTA.

Kadri Adrat joined CIVITTA as a consultant in 2014, and in the past 7.5 years, she has built her expertise and became a leader in her field. Since 2019 she has been leading the Private Funding team in Estonia and developing new opportunities in international funding with the Innovation Fund, contributing a lot to the success of CIVITTA's innovation-related services. Kadri's calm and balanced manner of leadership is one of the many attributes that make her an inspiration to her team and colleagues in other offices.

"Becoming Associate Partner means a lot for me, showing the trust and recognition from the company. I am looking forward to continue developing the funding services together with the wonderful team we have to support our clients on their way towards new business opportunities."

- Kadri Adrat


Kamila Jabłonowska is a seasoned professional with more than 15 years of expertise in EU regulations on project implementation. She joined CIVITTA in 2021 together with SAS Advisors where she has been in the role of Senior Manager and Head of Project Management Department since 2016.  Kamila has independently developed the project implementation service line and built a strong team in the Polish office, and is now developing further know-how in the project implementation service line outside of Poland.

"The new role undoubtedly brings with it new challenges, but also many new opportunities. Above all, I look forward to working with experienced colleagues from other CIVITTA offices. To quote Brian Tracy’s words "Leave your comfort zone. You can only grow if you’re willing to feel weird and uncomfortable, if you try something completely new for yourself" Let's grow together."

- Kamila Jabłonowska


Baiba Ebuliņa joined the company in 2021 as the CEO of our Latvian office. While her background in business development and strategic management is mostly in the private sector, she has successfully addressed the public sector clients and put in place the team in Latvia to take the initiatives forward. Baiba is also known for her extensive network and willingness to share her connections, which helped her earn the Brand Ambassador award in last year's CIVITTA Christmas Awards.

"The culture of CIVITTA is very entrepreneurial and open, it is great platform for growth and initiative. It is the perfect place for people who are willing to make an impact and like to work in a team."

- Baiba Ebuliņa


Przemysław Loranc joined CIVITTA together with the team in Warsaw last year, however, he has been with SAS Advisors since 2016 where he has also taken on the COO role while continuing to actively work on State Aid and other funding projects. Przemysław is one of the ambassadors of international collaboration in CIVITTA, having already successfully collaborated with Finnish, Estonian, Slovak and other offices and inspiring the team to follow his lead.

"As a typical challenge-driven person I'm very excited about the new role that was assigned to me. I will do my best to deploy efficiently all the possibilities, tools and abilities brought to me by this promotion in order to develop further CIVITTA's team and services in Poland and the region."

- Przemysław Loranc


Anton Gomelkov has been part of our Belarus team since 2018 and has helped navigate the company through challenging times in the past years. He is known for his strong project delivery not only locally but on large scale international projects, as well as his contributions to team leadership. The team in Belarus has participated in numerous trainings run by Anton, and he is a great mentor and manager both during projects and outside project work. 

"I’m glad to become an AP in CIVITTA, a company supporting challenging and sometimes unbelievable projects and initiatives! I look forward to working together on interesting projects creating added value for the clients and building strong expertise in agribusiness, the food sector and education!"

- Anton Gomelkov


Reinhold Stadler started his career in consulting in 2014 and in 2017 together with the team of GEA Strategy & Consulting joined CIVITTA. Reinhold's expert-level knowledge and outstanding client relationships are important factors for the development of CIVITTA services in urban mobility and urban development, as well as for the development of international partnerships for URBACT, INTERREG and other projects.

"I am glad and proud to be given the chance to further develop the sustainable urban mobility stream, an accomplishment that for sure wouldn't have been possible without my teammates that stood along with me in the last months and years. I believe CIVITTA can and should be an important partner for cities and communities, but also a game-changer in the transition towards more sustainable, inclusive and smart urban mobility and territorial transport systems. I will thus continue to focus my and our efforts on helping cities, while also doing my best to convince my 350+colleagues to walk and cycle more."

- Reinhold Stadler


We are honoured that we have Kadri, Kamila, Baiba, Przemysław, Anton and Reinhold as Associate Partners in CIVITTA and look forward to working with them through the next challenges and following their success in the future!