Announcing new Associate Partners - February 2023

We are pleased to announce the continued growth of our company with the promotion of six employees from different branches to Associate Partners in CIVITTA.


Martti Rell joined CIVITTA Estonia as a consultant back in 2018. Living by the motto “happy client, happy life”, Martti sets a high bar for excellent project delivery quality. In each of his projects, Marrti goes the extra mile to challenge clients to strive for tangible and practical impact. Martti has been actively involved in company development activities by being an integral part of the Excedea integration process, driving the learning and development of more junior colleagues and acting as the de facto leader of the management consulting team in Estonia.

"I am thrilled to continue helping our clients - both private companies and investment funds -, in this new role together with the team, on their journey to grow and improve their business by providing fact-based but forward-looking consulting services to make informed decisions”

- Martti Rell 


Gintarė Kijauskaitė-Mosėnė joined the company as a part of an acquisition in 2019 as a Senior Analyst and in the past years has been the de facto team lead of the market research team in Lithuania. Gintarė is highly recognised for her outstanding project delivery performance, closely collaborating with Partners in Lithuania and has been driving several development initiatives and representing the company publicly.

“With an abundance of resources at our disposal as a company I am firsthand inspired by the idea of maximizing the synergy between business-data-digital-customer centric competencies to deliver a more connected full house experience to our clients. To make this vision a reality, I am committed to prioritizing collaborative approaches that foster expanded project scope and best business outcomes.”

- Gintarė Kijauskaitė-Mosėnė


Aurora Kekkonen joined CIVITTA in 2021 and is recognised for her dedication to the company. Aurora has been contributing actively to the management of the Finnish office and is fulfilling an important role in local people leadership. She is the person caring for the team in Finland and striving to create a thriving work environment and grow the junior members of the team.

“In the coming years, I will continue strengthening CIVITTA's position as a reliable intellectual partner to our Nordic clients. In cooperation with the clients, we can assist businesses to evolve and adapt to the prevailing market conditions as well as to identify new opportunities, hidden gems for growth, and consequently, help companies to survive the economic downturn and thrive afterwards.”

- Aurora Kekkonen


Reesi Lepa has been part of the company since 2018, and in 2020 took the Team Lead role in the International Projects team in Estonia and grew the team size to 10 people. In 2022 Reesi took over the Team Lead role of the Startups & Innovation team and has also been successful in growing the team further.  In terms of business, Reesi has also had several important success stories – leading big Horizon projects, being behind the first success case in the Digital Europe programme preparing a successful European Digital Innovation Hub proposal, attracting international development cooperation organisations as clients, and widening our innovation ecosystem support activities to Western Balkans as well as Africa.

“Innovation is the basis for most of the good things we know. But bringing European innovation ecosystem stakeholders together for joint activities will have an impact that we cannot always even imagine in the beginning. Our aim is to be the engine for designing innovation and startup activities and programmes, to bring together different stakeholders and promote joint activities out of their everyday comfort zones. This is how new things and impact will emerge.”

- Reesi Lepa


Olga Weps joined CIVITTA in 2021 as a part of an acquisition, where she had been part of the team since 2014. Olga is appreciated by the team for her involvement in the process of project concept building and project delivery, her practical knowledge which she is eager to share, as well as her creative approach to projects. Those who work with her also emphasize her high professionalism in working with clients and her ability to build lasting client relationships. Olga has an admirable ability to quickly convince customers of her skills and effectiveness and gains their trust.

“I’m excited to be given the chance to further develop the innovation funding services as Associate Partner. I am very grateful for the trust, support, and recognition from my teammates, CIVITTA, and clients. I will continue to focus our efforts on promoting impactful projects that empower society development and climate resilience in a bold way.”

- Olga Weps


Wojciech Kwiatkowski has been in the company since 2021 and is another new Associate Partner who joined the company as a part of an acquisition. Wojciech stands out with his exceptional team leadership and delivery capabilities. Wojciech has also developed a broad knowledge of both public aid financing and the use of tax relief instruments, and has contributed to company development by starting a new service line that will support our clients in benefiting from governments providing tax incentives for initiatives in innovation. In the course of his professional career, he coordinated the processes of obtaining support for over 100 projects with a total value of over PLN 2 billion.

“Becoming an Associate Partner at CIVITTA is a big step forward in my career. I feel that I am in the right place and in the right organization to develop further as a business professional. CIVITTA’s business culture of challenging the market and seeking value in cooperation between different teams and countries is something that I enjoy in my everyday work. I am looking forward to using the possibilities the new role in the company will give me to grow our clients and help them make the most of the possible funding opportunities.“

- Wojciech Kwiatkowski


We are honoured to welcome Martti, Gintarė, Aurora, Reesi, Olga and Wojciech to the Partner group in CIVITTA and look forward to working with them in the future and following their success stories for the years to come!