Announcing new Associate Partners — September 2020

We are pleased to announce the continued growth of our company with promotions of Eva Šimeková, Daniela Petrusevschi, Dmytro Lyvch and Justas Jankūnas in CIVITTA.


A skilled executive across multiple innovation sectors, Eva Šimeková has 15+ years of experience in the creation and oversight of programs and budgets in a range of international projects involving EU related issues and support of SMEs. She has been a business startup consultant for several companies,  overseeing the clarification of legal, business and organisational structures in line with shareholders intentions. Eva has served as an investment advisor to a range of companies with oversight of legal and financial matters and in addition to advising and coaching startups, she is an angel investor.  She is active in the non-profit sector, working on a variety of projects and high-level events and currently acts as a H2020 SME Instrument evaluator. She completed her studies in Bratislava, Vienna and Sydney.

“It has been exciting to work in the innovation field in Slovakia for the last 15 years; and now as an Associate Partner in CIVITTA I am eager to work more closely with our clients and to help them grow and innovate.”

—Eva Šimeková 

Daniela Petrusevschi is a legal professional, an expert in environmental policies, climate change and environmental strategies and management plans, crisis management and development strategies, with over 19 years of experience. She has a Bachelor Degree in Law and a Master of Sciences's degree in Environmental Policies and Sciences. During her career, she has coordinated and implemented large-scale projects and programs, on behalf of Millennium Challenge Corporation (USA/Government of Moldova), Austrian Development Agency, United Nations Development Program, UNICEF, GIZ, WB, EU Delegation, Red Cross and the non-governmental sector in Moldova and abroad. Daniela has been working as expert in crisis management and development of management plans, teaching international law, providing trainings and expertise on crisis management, environmental conflict management and human rights, including the latest COVID-19 related situation.

"It's a memorable moment — getting the trust to be an AP in an unprecedented world dynamic, and this as well has shown the value of my team and colleagues, to whom I am very grateful. New projects in areas already known for CIVITTA are coming to life, but I also hope to bring more of the environmental and climate change development projects for the company, this being an indispensable part of the future. Thank you for this opportunity and Challenge accepted!"

—Daniela Petrusevschi

Dmytro Lyvch is an expert in public policy, strategy development, and private equity with over 6 years of experience in pioneering projects including opening the Ukrainian farmland market, building the institutional capacity of the free-market think tank, and competitiveness improvement of Ukrainian SMEs. His dedication to the effective and efficient public policy has been noticed in society. First, as a Head of Analytics in the free-market think tank, then as a Manager of Ukraine's biggest coalition of civil society organization, and later as an Advisor to Ukraine's Prime Minister, he continues to bring the positive difference in the Ukrainian policymaking. Dmytro joined CIVITTA Ukraine in 2018 as a Project Manager and since then has been developing a public stream in Ukraine. 

"A new job position is not a new start but rather an opportunity to create a new future" 

— Dmytro Lyvch

Justas Jankūnas has both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Mathematics, along with a strong background in data analytics and information technologies management in telecoms, finance, retail industries as well as public sector companies. During his career, Justas has been involved in various data and IT analytics projects ranging from customer lifetime value modeling, customer segmentation, optimization of retailer SKUs distribution through stores, Discrete Choice Experiments modeling, predictive analytics using customers purchase behavior to IT/data achitecture specification and reporting package design. During his previous projects, Justas was also responsible for designing and implementing data analytics tools which would be based on internal company data with main objective of making these tools highly automated.

"Digital technologies are constantly improving which results in data being collected and stored in amounts that are unimaginable for a regular person. However, most public and private companies still use only a small part of the data available for them to make business decisions, track their product success, or improve customer experience. This gives both a challenge as well as an opportunity for data-geeks like myself to use their skills and create meaningful impact. I am excited about the opportunity to co-lead the data practice in CIVITTA and make all that happen!"

— Justas Jankūnas

We are honored that we have Eva, Daniela, Dmytro and Justas as Associate Partners in CIVITTA and we look forward to their ambitious projects!