Announcing new Associate Partners — September 2021

We are pleased to announce the continued growth of our company with promotions of Veronika Tikhonchuk, Igor Nikoloski, Siamion Zlobich, and Ronalds Štrauhs in CIVITTA.

Veronika Tikhonchuk is a strategy, business, and change management professional with 8 years of experience. Veronika has built her expertise by managing large-scale cross-border projects, working with international and multi-functional teams. Veronika has been delivering value to the companies in various geographies, from Denmark to the UAE, supporting corporate, public, and local companies in solving strategic and operational challenges. Her projects include a large change management program in one of the leading banks in Northern Europe, the delivery of a digital communication platform for one of the Abu Dhabi government agencies, along with expansion and anti-crisis strategies for SMEs in CEE. Veronika was one of the first employees hired in the CIVITTA Belarus office, where she grew to the Project Manager position and contributed to the company’s establishment and growth in the Belarusian market. In 2019, Veronika relocated to Denmark to support the launch of the CIVITTA Denmark branch.

“First of all, I am very grateful for the trust, recognition, and support from my team and colleagues in CIVITTA and Mediapark! In my new role, I am looking forward to working more closely with our clients, helping them to change, transform, and digitalize, along with contributing to CIVITTA’s growth in Denmark and internationally.”
—Veronika Tikhonchuk


Igor Nikoloski has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Economics in the area of Finance and Small Business Development. He has more than 17 years of experience in the area of SME development and entrepreneurship, innovation, education and policy development, by working on assignments implemented by different consulting companies financed by various donor organizations and government institutions across the Western Balkans region. Apart from the project experience in the public sector, Igor was also working in the private sector for several years, in several executive positions in the banking, FDI and construction sectors. He joined CIVITTA North Macedonia in 2019 as a Business Development Manager and since then has been developing a public stream in the country, and also supporting other offices from the Western Balkans region in enhancing the cooperation with donor organizations and applying on different project opportunities.

“Looking forward to the new challenges that lie down in front of us, and I hope by working together we will be able to face them successfully.” 
—Igor Nikoloski

Siamion Zlobich has over 12 years of experience in managing consulting companies. Rising and mentoring new analysts and consultants, creating long-lasting relationships with key clients, and increasing overall management skills were powered by his constant learning and involvement in regular consulting projects. He was an analyst, project manager, and team lead in consulting projects of strategy development, business planning, market research and financial modeling in various industries. Some of his experience is related to M&A activities – Siamion performed the role of sell-side and buy-side adviser and closed several deals with refinancing and share capital. In some investment projects, he was acting as director and investor representative ($0,3bn portfolio company in renewable energy). Having strong skills in the private sector, Siamion continues to develop this stream in Belarus with the first attempts to perform public and innovative projects in CIVITTA.

"We live in turbulent times that are twice tougher for my country compared to the rest of Europe (Belarusian political case). But being here in CIVITTA I feel I’m in the right spot. Interesting projects, a wonderful team and our challenger mindset gives faith and forces to go ahead and create a more optimistic future."
— Siamion Zlobich

In CIVITTA, Ronalds Štrauhs has been working on the local and international funding attraction, helping research institutions commercialize their inventions, contributing to pan-European Horizon projects, and building a corporate accelerator program for SEB Bank. Before joining CIVITTA, Ronalds ventured into innovation research to develop different innovation ecosystems as part of the Ministry of Education and Science of Latvia and as an independent consultant for Ogre Municipality. He has been deep-diving into water and healthcare technology verticals and worked on macro-regional strategies regarding research and innovation policies. Additionally, he worked on his start-up idea to develop Hemp Milk and still is passionate about the converging technologies within future food, smart manufacturing and educational technologies.

“To me, an Associate Partner position means the reassurance of the trust in my capabilities to help lead from Latvia the most exciting stream in CIVITTA — Innovation. Innovation projects are exciting because we always have one foot in public and the other in the private streams. So we combine the elements of both worlds. Glad to be a part of a great team with whom I will be able to drive the change!”
—Ronalds Štrauhs


We are honored that we have Veronika, Siamion, Igor and Ronalds as Associate Partners in CIVITTA and we look forward to their ambitious projects!