Announcing new Partners - April 2023

We are pleased to announce the continued growth of our company with the promotions of  Jolita Gulbinė, Eglė Saulytė, Triin Andresson, Nickolay Tsarik, Dmytro Lyvch and Iurii-Volodymyr Blavt to Partners!

Jolita Gulbinė has been a valuable part of CIVITTA for the past decade, first joining as a Senior Analyst and making significant contributions to the success of the company. She has provided strategic support to both private and public sector organizations, including financial management, pricing strategies, process efficiency improvements, large-scale project implementation, and digital project implementation in the Baltics and beyond. In addition to her client-facing responsibilities, Jolita has played a crucial role in the growth and development of the team, by integrating new companies and connecting different teams to generate maximum value for clients. 

"Every year CIVITTA is becoming stronger. I am proud to be a part of a very competent team of consultants who can bring great value to our clients via our constantly evolving competencies and our collaborative approach. I will continue supporting companies of all sizes on their growth paths via helping them to make the strategic choices on where and how to play and via enhancing their capabilities through more efficient project implementation, processes and (digital) product delivery."

- Jolita Gulbinė

Eglė Saulytė's journey with Mediapark began in 2015 when the company acquired the creative agency Gaumina, where she was a project manager. Right from the start, her priority was to ensure the well-being of each team member and to build long-term partnerships with clients. Her commitment to delivering high-quality client service, managing risks effectively, and going the extra mile in company development initiatives have made her one of the most successful partners in the Digital Group.

“The feeling of being in a right place surrounded by truly inspiring people is what I always wished for. Recognition and trust come with a responsibility to be a better leader, a better partner for our clients, and to be a significant change in our company's future.”

- Eglė Saulytė

Triin Andresson started her journey with CIVITTA in 2009 as a project manager, where she worked on infrastructure development projects for the public sector in Estonia. Her expertise in securing funding for rebuilding schools and hospitals was invaluable to the public sector organizations she supported. After five years, Triin left the company to work for the Government Office, but in 2016, she returned as the CEO of CIVITTA Estonia. Since then, Triin has been instrumental in growing and developing the company, with a strong focus on internal operations, talent acquisition, and development. Under her leadership, the Estonian branch has flourished, and it now boasts a team of over 65 talented consultants who consistently deliver exceptional work for their clients.

"I'm excited to start my new journey as a partner in CIVITTA and happy to give someone else a chance to continue as a CEO in Civitta Estonia. Leading our new service line "Talent as a service" will be exciting as the work is international and competition fierce. We aim to provide world-class temporary staffing services to EU agencies and corporations. I want us to care about our employees, to support them and give them the best employee experience in host organisations."

- Triin Andresson

Nickolay Tsarik began his career as a Software Engineer at a large factory, but in 2010 he established Jazz Pixels, a software development company with a focus on startup development. However, the company later shifted its focus to custom-made software development for end clients, with Nickolay handling delivery, sales, and administration. Throughout his career, Nickolay has launched five startups and created numerous products for end clients. His expertise lies in organizing the delivery of scalable IT solutions through his cross-disciplinary knowledge of business, creativity, technology, and management. In 2021, Jazz Pixels merged with Mediapark, resulting in significant growth for the company in both revenue and headcount in just two years.

"Stepping into the role of a partner at CIVITTA/Mediapark brings both hope and challenge for me. The hope of contributing to the growth of a CIVITTA/Mediapark company and the challenge of navigating new responsibilities and expectations. I will embrace both with confidence and determination, and success will surely follow."

- Nickolay Tsarik

Dmytro Lyvch joined CIVITTA in 2018 as a Project Manager and has since been promoted to Associate Partner in 2020 and elected as a Public Stream Board Member in 2021-2023. At CIVITTA, he has developed a public stream in Ukraine and internationally, co-managing a team of over 25 talented Project Managers and Analysts towards implementing 50+ projects in private sector development, market systems development, and public policy. Dmytro's dedication to effective and efficient public policy has earned him recognition in society, and he continues to make a positive impact on Ukrainian policymaking and strengthen the country's economy. He also served as a pro-bono Advisor to the Prime Minister of Ukraine from 2020-2022 and contributed to the development of several governmental strategic documents.

"I am thrilled and honoured to have been promoted to this new role at CIVITTA. I am committed to contributing to Ukraine's post-war recovery, rebuilding, and strengthening the Ukrainian economy through our expertise and experience. As a Partner, I am excited to continue working alongside our talented team to deliver innovative and impactful solutions for our clients."

- Dmytro Lyvch

Iurii-Volodymyr Blavt started as an analyst at CIVITTA Ukraine in 2015, holding a Master's Degree in Economics from Fordham University. He has played a significant role in the professional growth and development of the Ukrainian office, currently consisting of over 50 analysts and experts. Additionally, he is a board member of Innovation Stream and co-founder of Challenger Accelerator, an international equity-free accelerator for early-stage startups. Iurii-Volodymyr and his team at CIVITTA have been designing and implementing programs to support startups and entrepreneurs, helping them with funding attraction, and developing innovation ecosystems. He was also involved in the development of strategies for innovative projects like UNIT.City and VDNG, and led the Data4Healthy Recovery Hackathon. Despite the full-scale Russian war against Ukraine, Iurii-Volodymyr and the CIVITTA team have continued to support Ukrainian startups and SMEs, and aspiring entrepreneurs within the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs project.

“At CIVITTA I have been enjoying a challenger mindset focused on growth and impact. I am proud that despite the war we managed to deliver a few landmark projects. For instance, we just had a Demo Day of Challenger AI - a “rocket proof” acceleration program focused on AI/ML startups. Last year we organised a large Health Hackathon in Ukraine for the World Health Organisation. With support from international partners, we launched the “Ukrainian Businesses in Action'' grant program for Ukrainian SMEs affected by the war (~1M EUR under management) and provided tens of SMEs with high-quality consulting services. We also continue to support the government in developing the Strategy for Ukrainian Innovation Ecosystem Development. These are just a few examples of exciting projects we did last year. We are the catalyst for the new economy! ”

- Iurii-Volodymyr Blavt


We are honoured that we have Jolita, Eglė, Triin, Nickolay, Dmytro and Iurii-Volodymyr as Partners and we look forward to their ambitious projects!