Announcing new Partners in CIVITTA — March 2021

We are pleased to announce the continued growth of our company with promotions of Ioana Ivanov and Yauheni Krasnianski to Partners in CIVITTA.

Ioana Ivanov has joined CIVITTA in 2017 as part of our public services stream when the company merged with GEA Consulting in Romania. She is an urban planner with a specialization in strategic planning and urban management, focusing on local and territorial development processes, aiming to support good governance and policymaking with sound visions and evidence (data). Inside the company, Ioana coordinates a growing team of around 15 consultants and analysts. She was a role model in terms of building a team and expertise on urban and territorial development, smart cities, administrative capacity development, and urban mobility. The team led by Ioana obtained unprecedented results, with a portfolio covering the entire country, including some of Romania’s largest cities, as well as counties and regions interested in the development of integrated and sectoral strategies and concrete plans for implementation. Moreover, through the team’s efforts, CIVITTA has gained EU recognition in the field of territorial and regional development, through international projects looking at the future of the Cohesion Policy, functional areas, and place-based approaches.

Ioana holds an MSc degree from “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanism in Bucharest, and aside from CIVITTA, she gained experience by working as an expert in urban and regional development for the World Bank, as well as with Space Syntax Romania, Ion Mincu Center for Excellence in Urban Planning, GEA Strategy & Consulting and the Romanian Center for Economic Policy and co-founding the Urban2020 Association.

“We are currently at a turning point for the future development of our communities, as European policymakers at all levels are preparing for the next programming period, with national, regional, and local stakeholders drafting the programs of the new Cohesion Policy, as well as their own strategies and plans. On the other hand, cities are both the source of and solution to today's complex economic, environmental, and social challenges, including in addressing the current Covid-19 pandemic. In this context, I am excited to have the trust and support of CIVITTA to further develop our knowledge and services in urban and territorial development, through impactful projects aiming at sustainable and smart development and at better connecting cities and regions to their citizens. “

—Ioana Ivanov


Yauheni Krasnianski has joined CIVITTA in 2017 and has more than ten years of experience in strategy consulting as a project manager, as well as nine years of experience in the real business. In CIVITTA, Yauheni specializes in developing competitive strategies, strategic marketing, developing and organizing marketing research (researching consumers, competitors, channels for promoting goods and services), KPI and motivation, finding and assessing growth points. He holds a BA degree from Belarusian State Economic University and MSc degree from Belarusian State University.

Yauheni has had a key contribution in the turnaround of CIVITTA’s consumer insights & market research services in Belarus — under Satio — and also significantly impacted the growth of CIVITTA’s Belarus office. As the leading market research player in Belarus, Yauheni highly values his team’s civic responsibility, developing several studies that contribute to bringing light to the situation in the country. 

„First of all, many thanks for the trust from the team and clients! We are proud to deliver an honest and independent opinion on the political, economic, social and epidemiological aspects of our societies. Acting with integrity and delivering objective truth will help us to stay the leading consulting company in Belarus, but also to gain recognition beyond our geography. My personal goal for the next years is to continue developing our team. We have already a brilliant team of highly experienced people who share the same values. And we are going to grow, delivering exciting projects that help our clients in the building of new Belarus. The adventure continues. Stay tuned!”

Yauheni Krasnianski

We are honored that we have Ioana and Yauheni as Partners in CIVITTA and we look forward to their continued leadership!