Announcing new Partners - March 2022

We are pleased to announce the continued growth of our company with the promotions of Kirill Krivolap, Kristiina Oll, Harri Tallinn and Mikalai Koniukh to Partners and the joining of a new Partner, Anton Yashchenko, in CIVITTA.

Kirill Krivolap is a professional with wide experience in public policy, strategy and innovation, SME development, energy and healthcare sectors, sales, export and organizational development. Kirill joined CIVITTA soon after the Revolution of Dignity in 2014, right after the opening of the Ukrainian branch. From the very start, he had a strong belief that the values and international expertise of CIVITTA can help Ukraine to grow and modernize.

With the CIVITTA team, Kirill developed strategies for Ukraine’s most innovative projects such as UNIT.City, VDNG, Crystal and developed innovation agenda for Agritech, Energy, FinTech, FoodTech and Telecom Accelerator programs supported by the largest relevant companies in Ukraine. Another stream of his work included working on development projects of the World Bank in healthcare and social protection, EBRD, USAID and other international development partners. 

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Kirill Krivolap became the volunteering Advisor to the Prime Minister of Ukraine in 2020. CIVITTA team was actively involved in the making of the National Economic Strategy 2030 (adopted by the Cabinet in 2021), Barrierless strategy for Ukraine, roadmap for developing IT education, new Program of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine 2021-2024 and other vital projects on the platform of NGO “Center for Economic Recovery” (established by Kirill and other 5 partners from the civil society and expert community). The team in Ukraine grew to more than 50 analysts and associated experts.

“I strongly believe that the innovative approach of CIVITTA and fact-based policymaking skills of our professionals can help Ukraine in the most difficult circumstances and post-war recovery. We have already started working on a Recovery plan for Ukraine alongside other influential institutions and government authorities”.

- Kirill Krivolap

Kristiina Oll joined CIVITTA in 2010 as an intern and over the years she has grown from an intern to a partner. Kristiina specializes in developing public sector services, both physical and e-services. Her aim is to support the government in designing public services taking into account the actual needs of citizens, including designing existing service offering processes, developing new services and offering solutions for effective service provision, for example restructuring organisations or developing cooperation models. Her team in Estonia has a portfolio covering public services from the local municipality level to the state level, from the social security system and healthcare to entrepreneurship, construction and transport. 

“Becoming a partner isn’t just recognition for me but for my entire team, which has proven to be highly appreciated partners for our government in Estonia. Today, we are living in a rapidly changing and unpredictable environment, which has shown how important it is to have clear citizen-oriented processes and strong e-services. CIVITTA has Estonian roots and I strongly believe that we can use those roots and our team to support the development of public services, especially e-government, across all regions where CIVITTA is present.”

- Kristiina Oll

Harri Tallinn joined CIVITTA in 2015 when the company acquired CPD OÜ where he was one of the co-founders. Harri is an expert in building up innovation ecosystems and acceleration programs for startups and growth companies – he has been, for the past 10 years, behind Estonia’s biggest non-equity accelerator Ajujaht, which has helped to kick-start many successful startups and one of Europe's most valuable unicorns - Bolt. He is also a co-founder of Challenger Accelerator - providing hands-on acceleration and innovation services for startups, corporates, and governments across CEE.

“I would like to thank CIVITTA founders for the trust to let me find my own way how to support startups, growth companies and innovation ecosystems in CEE. While joining CIVITTA, an important trigger for me was being able to have a wider impact on the field I love and the structure to support it. Today I can help to shape this myself and it’s something I really enjoy. Creating and running the programs to help our economy to grow through the growth of innovative companies is inspiring. There are tough times because of COVID and the war in Ukraine which might cause some hiccups, but as we have many smart people around us, I’m confident we are in the frontline to help our economies to come out from this even stronger.”

- Harri Tallinn 

Mikalai Koniukh joined CIVITTA as an analyst in January 2013. Mikalai has more than 10 years of experience in consulting, research and analytics. He has led more than 30 large-scale consulting engagements in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland. The key sectors of his work include wood processing, IT and ICT, construction and real estate, and manufacturing. Mikalai has functional experience in strategy, post-merger integration, process reengineering and digitalization, cost-cutting and optimization, market research, and PMO (project management office).

“Starting this year, I will be fully transitioning to a manager role in CIVITTA International to help the company grow and other Partners deliver even better results.” 

- Mikalai Koniukh

Anton Yashchenko joined CIVITTA Ukraine in January 2022. Anton is responsible for the development of public sector projects in Ukraine and other countries, also focusing on the areas of corporate governance, organizational development, post-deal integration and strategy implementation.

Before joining CIVITTA, Anton had been working for 5 years as Executive Director of the Prime Minister’s Reforms Delivery Office - an advisory body, that helps the Government of Ukraine in designing and implementing the country's priority reforms with the aim to achieve quality, sustainable and successful changes in Ukraine. Also, Anton is a member of the supervisory board and a chairman of the strategic planning and corporate governance committee of the supervisory board of the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority, one of the top-10 largest Ukrainian state-owned enterprises.

“It is my pleasure to join CIVITTA, which challenges the traditional approach in management consulting and has an entrepreneurial spirit. Moreover, I’m really glad to join the team of smart and bright intellectual people, who constantly demonstrate real support and a strong commitment to Ukraine and the Ukrainian people during the ongoing war with Russia. I’m confident that together we will be able to make a real difference working on the recovery of Ukraine and development of our clients in the region"

- Anton Yashchenko


We are honoured that we have Kirill, Kristiina, Harri, Mikalai and Anton as Partners in CIVITTA and we look forward to their ambitious projects!