Behind the scenes series | Ana Mishkovska

Welcome to our new interview series - Behind the Scenes - where we get to know the colleagues who keep the wheels turning and provide internal support to CIVITTA!

This month, we have Ana Mishkovska, who is our Senior International Marketing Coordinator. Ana is the mastermind behind our external communication campaigns and internal newsletters and can often be seen doing “market research” on the latest trends on TikTok.


Hi Ana, thank you for joining our “Behind the Scenes” series! Can you tell us more about your experience in CIVITTA?

Ana: I must say that my experience in CIVITTA so far has been wonderful. I first started off as a Research Analyst where I supported international development institutions in numerous projects related to communication and marketing but also trade facilitation, education, and digital innovation. Later on, I progressed into a new chapter by joining the international team and starting a role in our marketing department where I am now. 


What, in your opinion, is different in CIVITTA than other companies?

Ana: I would say three words: impact, flexibility and freedom. I am proud to say that we work on projects which truly have a positive impact on society. Moreover, we do this with a sense of flexibility and the opportunity to have a good work-life balance. Lastly, freedom. In CIVITTA, the employees are trusted and are given the freedom to work on their own, on topics they are passionate about. 


You mention flexibility, how does one working day look for you?

Ana: It is always a different day. Within my job scope, the activities and dynamics change quite often, however, I do try to keep up with a certain morning routine. I recently read an article talking about the benefits of breakfast, so I try to not skip it as I usually did. Then, I like to turn on the speaker in the office, get everybody in the mood and start some focus work. This ranges from some copywriting and visual tasks to checking our social media plans and daily communications on our official channels.


It must be a nice atmosphere in the office to listen to music while working. What are your songs of choice?

Ana: During this period,  you can hear some nice Italian and French tunes in the office. I learned that the best way to learn a certain language is to listen to songs so this contributes to my not-that-successful  French learning. When I need an extra dose of focus, I listen to Rüfüs Du Sol, Artbat or Fred Again. 


Can you share with us some memories from your time at CIVITTA?

Ana: There are so many, I don’t know which one to single out. That is the beauty of working in CIVITTA - you share your time with amazing and cool people and you have fun while working! One memory that stands out is the boat party we had at our offsite in Cyprus, where all of us, from interns to Partners, gathered on the dance floor and danced until our legs hurt. It was amazing to see in person the people you see every day on your video calls and to get to know their fun side. Here, I saw that we are truly breaking the stigma and are a non-hierarchical organization.