Behind the scenes series | Andrii Stadnyk

Welcome to our new interview series - Behind the Scenes - where we get to know the colleagues who keep the wheels turning and provide internal support to CIVITTA!

This month, we have Andrii Stadnyk, who is our Infrastructure Manager. Andrii is our IT version of a superhero being the go-to person for all things tech-related. He can often be seen swooping in with his imaginary cape to save the day when any software solution is needed.


Hi Andrii, thank you for joining our “Behind the Scenes” series! Can you tell us more about your experience in CIVITTA?

Andrii: I joined CIVITTA as Infrastructure Manager almost a year ago to optimize IT processes and build an internal support desk. Initially, I was the only person in the IT department, but we have since grown to a team of three.  Recently, we established an Information Security squad. This initiative involved collaborating with experts from Digital Stream to develop a comprehensive and robust approach to information security. The team has been incredibly successful in implementing this strategy, which has had a positive impact on our operations.


That sounds like something from a spy movie! Can you describe to me your typical workday?

Andrii: My workday typically involves a mix of tasks. First thing in the morning, I review the list of accounts needed for new employees and assign remote help requests. In just two months, we have successfully completed over 300 tasks via our help desk portal! Throughout the day, I have one-on-one calls with my colleagues to optimize our services or transfer data to our storage. I also enjoy conducting analysis and auditing our resources to minimize expenses and keep all accounts in one secure location.


You sure tick the box of the Challenger spirit we aim for.  How do you relax after a work day?

Andrii: After a long day at work, I have a few favourite activities to help me unwind. First and foremost, I hit the gym since staying active helps me stay sharp and focused, both at work and in my personal life. Another passion of mine is music, and I love spending one evening per week in the recording studio with my friends from my band. There's nothing quite like creating and sharing music with others to help me relax and recharge.


You are part of a music band? That is an interesting hobby to have! Can you tell us more about it?

Andrii: I always had a dream to be a musician, but I joined this band as a lyrics writer. The band is new, and we've released less than 10 songs, but we've already had our debut on stage. 


Lastly, can you share with us some memories from your time at CIVITTA?

Andrii: One of my most memorable moments at CIVITTA was when our colleagues from abroad arrived to support Ukraine and our armed forces. During the offsite in September, many of my colleagues drove vehicles from Estonia to Ukraine as part of the initiative. They also volunteered their time to weave nets, sort medicines, and pack energy bars to send to the front line. It was an incredible display of teamwork and dedication to making a positive impact, and it's something that I will always remember fondly.