Benefits of LEAN Management System in Ukraine

Earlier this month, CIVITTA Ukraine together with Lithuanian partners from Leaners held productive workshops on benefits of LEAN management system for members of  Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs and Ukrainian Association of Furniture Manufacturers.

The main aim of workshops was to emphasize the role of the processes in the organization through real-life cases and various professional experience of the experts. “Even world-class processes can be shown to have greater than 50% non-value-added time”. - this statement shows the importance of understanding the processes in the organization regardless of the areas of economic activity of the enterprise.

Robertas Šerėnas, Partner of Leaners and CIVITTA expert shared his insights and experience of implementing LEAN management system across Europe. He highlighted that the idea of the “perfect process” should consist of 6 principles, which should be implemented in the enterprise: no waste, according to demand, immediate response, batch size of 1, defect-free and safe.

At the same time, Andrew Shpakov, BDO of CIVITTA Ukraine, showed funding opportunities for Ukrainian SMEs that can be used for financing of LEAN implementation. He emphasized the importance of the properly constructed strategy for the SME, which is one of the key factors for receiving funding from any source.

“There are three factors which are crucial for receiving of funding: reliable and clear strategy, impeccable reputation and professional team” – highlighted  Andrew Shpakov during the workshop.

LEAN management systems are the way not only to improve efficiency but also to construct a strong performative culture inside the enterprise, focusing only on the processes which bring value to the client and business itself. CIVITTA provides services in funding, development of the strategy for the companies and implementation of various management systems for both SMEs and corporations.