What is BUILD?

PEDAL Consulting, s.r.o. (Slovakia) together with its five European partners launched (in October 2022) a new project “Building Capacities in Innovation Procurement for Cities – BUILD”. It will promote the use of public procurement of sustainable innovation. The European Commission allocated the sum of € 498 187,50 under its Horizon Europe programme.

With the significant potential of public procurement, there are still several key challenges slowing the widespread adoption in the EU countries. That is why it has become an important part of the innovation policy agenda and the core of the new EU public procurement directive.The 2-year long BUILD project aims to achieve three main objectives:

  • to encourage cooperation and knowledge sharing between public buyers, i.e. to contribute to the development of sustainable innovation and to create a fertile platform for future collaboration;
  • to discover the most up-to-date innovative technological solutions and assist in their development and further acquisition by means of facilitating the enhancement of innovation knowledge and skills within buyers;
  • to link and establish synergies with research and innovation projects funded by the EU, with specific focus on EU funded projects fostering Public Procurement for Innovation.

The project team consists of partners from Slovakia, Estonia, Finland and the Netherlands. It has already started with the exchange of best practices. Mostly those that can reach to and motivate procurers, enhance the interest of enterprises in innovation procurements.

Moreover, the team will soon map and scout relevant stakeholders before rolling out a number of trainings and capacity building actions. They will be targeted at upskilling the public procurers on the topic of innovation procurement.

Under the BUILD project, the following target groups will be engaged and trained – private procurers, SMEs and start-ups. Main topics being: guiding principles, legal knowledge and procedures; preliminary market consultation and pre-commercial procurement; competitive dialogue and competitive procedure with negotiation; innovation partnership and the risk assessment.

What is OUR role? 

Civitta’s main role in the project is to: 

  • Facilitate the exchange of best practices, existing services and tools used by Partners in the field of Public Procurement of Innovation 
  • Reaching out and motivating procurers to engage in project activities
  • Defining the value proposition & Engagement strategy

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