Business model development for a B2B instant messaging software

CIVITTA was approached by an IT house with a task to help develop a viable business model for an instant messaging platform they have developed.

Profitable commercialization of instant messaging platform

The client designed and developed a fully functional instant messaging platform that could be utilised by a wide range of business clients as a solution for both internal team communication and communication channel with clients. At the same time, the client was aware that there are many routes to market and many strategies on monetising their product. To be able to make a concise decision, an analysis of competitive landscape was necessary.

Competitors’ mapping and offers’ benchmarking

CIVITTA consultants focused their efforts on mapping competitive landscape to be able to identify the most similar companies and products on the market. In the outcome, CIVITTA experts presented to the client major competitors divided into segments based on their product features, industries targeted, cooperation model (branded, white-label), feasibility to integrate with external software, etc.

Competitive landscape mapping is often an eye-opening activity, because many companies define competition in a very narrow angle, missing many game-changers.

Clear navigation among solutions available on the market

As a result of the project conducted by CIVITTA, the client obtained an overview of available solutions with their market models and competitive edges. That enabled further internal ideation on creating the best matching sales model.

Based on this systematic approach, the client was furthermore able to work on product development and customisation to outpace competitive solutions.

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