Business process audit and development

CIVITTA Client, a big company from the IT sector, needed business advisory support in order to improve several tools used in finance, accounting, and HR.

Due to close cooperation with the client and a good understanding of their needs, a set of new tools was prepared by CIVITTA, and as a result, the everyday work of the client was improved.

Using obsolete files is prone to errors and requires a lot of manual work

A multinational IT security company with 30 offices and 2000 employees around the globe needed support in the renovation of several tools used in finance, accounting, and HR. Previous tools included a lot of phases of manual work, required labor to process a significant amount of information and was prone to errors. CIVITTA consultants specified the desired outcomes and identified main problems in current tools, together with the client.

Close cooperation with the client ensures high usability of new tools

The project conducted by CIVITTA consisted of several work areas conducted for different teams in the client’s company. For each area, the best approach was selected by CIVITTA. The two main solutions recommended were:

  • Improvement of existing Excel files and adding advanced Excel formulas and VBA macros. The purpose of the change was to use one file for the whole process – the new approach required input in the form of a couple of parameters and enabled doing all the data manipulation in an automated way.
  • Moving selected reports to Tableau software to increase the usage of the BI tool. It made it easier to give access to the reports to all company members and connect the solution with internal databases that allowed daily updates of the data. 

After the design phase, continuous check-ins were conducted with the client end-users to validate the progress and effectiveness of the new approach.

New tools tailored to the client’s needs

The deliverables from CIVITTA improved work efficiency and helped to achieve a better quality of results since the manual workload was significantly reduced and automatic validation rules were added. The number of files for one process was reduced to only one file, which eliminated the risk connected with copying the data between different files.

Excel is the most commonly used analytical tool in many companies. However, it is important to apply the right files because only such an approach can significantly improve everyday work. Introducing BI tools (like Tableau, QlikSense or Power BI) enables better data visualization, automatic reports or easier access to the data for different teams and workers. 

CIVITTA analysts understand the data and business processes behind it. That is why CIVITTA can support its clients by providing:

  • audit of existing business processes and data management,
  • advisory with possible improvements,
  • automated tools to support business processes,
  • support during BI tools implementation,
  • automated reports preparing.

Would you like to improve your business processes or data management? Contact us to find out how you can better use your internal data.