CIVITTA has signed the share purchase agreement for Socialines Informacijos centras UAB.

SIC is a market research company, present on the Lithuanian market since 1993. SIC accompanies clients at every stage of a service, product or brand life cycle, from opportunity analysis, market launch and growth monitoring to econometric modelling to redesigning a brand strategy at its peak.

With experience in change management, SIC experts help clients to build data-driven customer-centric business strategies; counsel leaders and guide cross-functional teams to leverage mutually beneficial opportunities with an advanced understanding of the customer journey, sales and marketing communications.

With this acquisition, CIVITTA is expanding its base of research services by welcoming 8 professionals with extensive experience in delivering market research services to its clients. “We are very excited to step on a single track with CIVITTA company. This is a special chance to bring broader base of knowledge and skills to address challenges of our clients'“, says Rūta Gaudiešienė, partner at CIVITTA. “This is a great opportunity, but also work ahead of us to learn how to solve consumer-centric challenges that our clients face”, adds Justė Pačkauskaitė, managing partner of CIVITTA Lithuania.

CIVITTA is a leading independent management consultancy in Central Eastern Europe. The company covers a wide range of services, including strategy, innovation, funding, digital, data and implementation. CIVITTA offices are in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Moldova, Russia, Belarus, Serbia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, North Macedonia and the United Kingdom.