CIVITTA attracted Horizon 2020 €1M grant for SolarGaps

CIVITTA Ukraine helped SolarGaps to get highly competitive equity free funding – Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Phase 2.

SolarGaps is the second Ukrainian Phase 2 winner since Ukraine joined Horizon2020 program in 2015, and the first one since the interview in Brussels was introduced.

SolarGaps was looking for funding to prepare for global commercialization of its innovation.

SolarGaps developed the world's first smart window blinds which generate electricity from solar energy.

According to the European Parliament buildings are responsible for 36% of energy consumption and CO2 emissions in Europe. SolarGaps blinds not only protects buildings from the sun glare, but they also allow households and commercial buildings to easily utilize window area for efficient green energy generation thus significantly decreasing electricity bill and CO2 emissions. One square meter of SolarGaps can power 3 laptops or 30 led lamps.

SolarGaps has finished B2C product development, certified it in the EU and was looking for additional funding to complete the technological and commercial development of the powerful B2B solution.

CIVITTA Ukraine helps startups to win Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Phase 2 grant

Horizon 2020 SME Instrument provides staged funding and coaching support for SMEs to bring their disruptive innovations to the global market. Through this program, innovative SMEs can attract €50 k in Phase 1 for the feasibility assessment and up to €2.5 M in Phase 2 for innovation activities to prepare for rapid commercialization of their solutions.

Since Ukraine joined Horizon 2020, only 10 Ukrainian companies were funded, while CIVTTA team helped 7 of them to prepare successful applications. SolarGaps becomes the second Phase 2 winner in Ukraine, and the first one since the interview stage was introduced.

CIVITTA helped SolarGaps to attract €1 M from European Commission Horizon 2020 program

€1 M of the SME Instrument Phase 2 funding will allow SolarGaps to complete the technological and commercial development of the powerful B2B smart solar blinds system, set-up and test pilot production infrastructure, validate the SolarGaps smart solar blinds performance during the piloting with B2B customer and bring the product to the target markets.

“SME Instrument is smart money to improve your innovative product and bring it to the market. It demands to prepare a well-thought-out commercialization strategy, gives coaching support and access to European investors and industry events. During the Phase 1 feasibility study, CIVITTA helped us to identify priority market for SolarGaps, develop commercialization plan and pricing strategy, and prepare winning Phase 2 application.” - Yechen Erik, CEO of SolarGaps.

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Horizon 2020 SME instrument is a great opportunity to get equity free funding and coaching support for global commercialization of disruptive innovations. With the significant number of successful applications of Horizon 2020 in Ukraine and other countries, CIVITTA has developed impressive expertise and is a great partner to attract the funding.