CIVITTA Challengers - Daniela Petrusevschi

At CIVITTA we challenge the traditional consulting industry, mixing smart people with lean processes and structures. We are not afraid to encourage our clients to think out of the box and challenge their own industries. This means asking difficult questions and bringing bold, new ideas and innovative solutions to the table.

We have asked Daniela Petrusevschi - an Associate Partner from the CIVITTA office in Moldova - to share her thoughts on this.

The idea of CIVITTA is the Challenger Advisory. What does it mean to you to be a challenger consultant and how do you feel this challenger spirit translates to your work?

A Challenger will take all the knowledge and experience available and invest it in a solution, which fits the needs of the place and time – it is actually a risk, as you need to trust those you work with, inspire yourself and the team to jump higher than before and present your vision/idea in a way that it will sparkle also for those who were not involved in the process.

To be a Challenger is always teamwork and a work of free minds, respecting the truth, others and enjoying the process as well as the result.

Tell us a bit about your life outside of work. Are your hobbies along the same Challenger lines?

Over the years, I have developed a long list of hobbies that reappear in my life whenever there is some spare time. Starting with reading Sci-fi and scientific literature, making jewelry, painting, cooking, crocheting, sometimes getting back to photography, hiking, working out and, my all-time favorite - surfing (when I get the chance to be near the ocean).

What would you advise a young consultant starting her or his career in Moldova?

In Moldova, or anywhere else, integrity and dedication are qualities that stand out and bring people to achieving beautiful results. Specifically, in Moldova, being an autodidact is of great importance. This quality, along with the understanding of the complex nature of corruption, legal environment, EU proximity, and democratic values can develop a different, innovative and solution-oriented view – the exactly needed one for the issues we’re trying to solve. Think big, be happy, and enjoy your work.