CIVITTA Challengers - Ekaterina Beloglazova

At CIVITTA we challenge the traditional consulting industry, mixing smart people with lean processes and structures. We are not afraid to encourage our clients to think out of the box and challenge their own industries. This means asking difficult questions and bringing bold, new ideas and innovative solutions to the table.

We have asked Ekaterina Beloglazova - an Analyst from the CIVITTA office in Russia - to share her thoughts on this.

The idea of CIVITTA is the Challenger Advisory. What does it mean to you to be a challenger consultant and how do you feel this challenger spirit translates to your work?

I think being a challenger is to be open to possibilities – you should not be afraid to take up new tasks and learn something new in the process. For instance, when I worked for CIVITTA for just 3 months I took up a challenge and flew to Denmark by myself to work for Danske Bank. To this day I am glad I had this opportunity, as this experience has taught me a lot about my capabilities and working in an international environment.

I often take part in projects from different industries to try myself in diverse activities to grow further as a professional. The more unordinary the task is, the better, it allows me not only to acquire new skills but also to learn more about myself, about my interests. It helps identify the aspects I should focus on in my work as well as to determine the points for further development.

Tell us a bit about life outside of work. Are your hobbies along the same Challenger lines?

Before the pandemic, I was an active volunteer at sporting and cultural events not only in my home city Kaliningrad but in other cities in Russia. To name a few big events: I have participated in the FIFA World cup in Kaliningrad, Winter Universiade in Krasnoyarsk, and Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok. It usually requires adapting to the structure of each event and your role in it, and every time you have new team members, with whom you need to work effectively so that everything runs smoothly. Being a volunteer helps with my communication skills and teamwork; it is also a great opportunity to travel and meet new people.


What would you advise a young consultant starting her or his career in Russia?

My advice is to be active in both professional and social life. You never know what lies ahead, so you should make the most out of your experiences, ultimately everything counts. Always try to grasp as much knowledge as possible and aim higher. It is also important to know your strengths and what makes you different from others and then use it to your advantage.