CIVITTA establishes its Kosovo presence

Through the acquisition of local player Envision Consulting, CIVITTA's new office in Pristina strenghtens the company’s CEE position. We interviewed Vigan Ramadani, Associate Partner, about the plans and ambitions of the team.

Can you tell us about your previous experience and capabilities?

We are a business development consulting team based in Kosovo offering corporate finance and research services domestically and overseas for the private sector. Our team is composed of young professional financiers and economists with rich experience domestically and internationally. 

Our range of services includes but is not limited to project implementation, business plans, feasibility studies, financial due diligence, financial mathematical modeling, market research, etc. With immense expertise and profound academic background in financial analysis, we are utterly capable of conducting the most complex corporate finance services in different industries. Financial analysis, business planning, and feasibility studies are the backbone of our services implemented and supported by professionals with expertise and exposure to risk management and broader contexts of opportunities to apply theoretical and practical models of mathematical finance. 

What will be the focus of the Kosovo office?

Our major focus was within the private sector consulting services and we expect to integrate with ease within CIVITTA’s private sector practices. On the other hand, in terms of public and innovation streams, we have already recruited consultants with experience in the field and with CIVITTA’s assistance we plan to set up and develop the team to increase the intensity of our activities within the public and innovation sector which also reflects our focus for the upcoming years.

What can you tell us about the Kosovo team, overall? Are there plans to grow it in the near future?

Our team encompasses diversity in terms of personality and work mentality yet qualified for solving complex problems with detailed analytical skills necessary to excel in consulting services. Equipped with technical expertise and professional skills, we are especially well-prepared for the challenges, certain to encounter. Our goal is not only to help our clients avoid future risk exposures but also to improve by helping clients to use their resources to the greatest advantage. We have already increased the number of staff and currently, CIVITTA Kosovo has six full-time employees, and we expect to reach eight by the end of the year, while for the upcoming years, Civitta Kosovo is foreseen to be an office of 15 – 20 employees working on different projects in different workstreams.

What are your plans and expectations now that you joined the CIVITTA family?

We already have felt the impact of becoming part of CIVITTA family and that is noticed in the dynamics of the company and it is also being reflected in our office as well. In this regard, we expect to increase our business activity through an increase in public and innovation streams. We also expect to grow our professional skills through communication with other offices and learn the best practices from their previous experiences. 

Last but not least, as CIVITTA is positioned as the Challenger advisory, could you share how do you feel this Challenger spirit will apply to your future endeavours?

The decision to integrate Envision Consulting within the CIVITTA family was majorly based upon the Challenger spirit of the company which we also share. As the challenger advisory, we feel destined to challenge and inspire others to reach the best results. As a challenger we are ought to apply risk insights to meet goals and objectives, strategic thinker, and a catalyst change, driving innovation to achieve a profitable balance between risk and reward.