CIVITTA Estonia combined strategic consulting with IT production

CIVITTA Estonia expanded its services' portfolio with IT production capacity. The company’s shareholders acquired the majority of shares of Singleton, a digital production studio, connecting the two companies and enabling them to combine analysis and planning with digital production.

In the era of the digital revolution, the digital environment of a company plays a crucial part in the value chain. CIVITTA, a company created by students 20 years ago, has grown to be the largest independent consultation agency in Emerging Europe. CIVITTA Estonia has focused on providing both private and public entities strategic management consulting in several phases from analysis to planning. Now, CIVITTA Estonia is taking a step towards providing the implementation of digital solutions.

Digital production company Singleton, established in 2015, has been inventing and building custom software to many successful tech companies in Estonia and abroad. Cooperation with CIVITTA enables Singleton to be a part of the planning process, as well as post-development implementation activities. Together, CIVITTA and Singleton are opening a digital service line, creating a bridge between planning and developing digital products

“We have always been providing consultancy services with an aim to actually help our clients put the analysis and planning results into practice. Now, together with Singleton, we can support our clients bring transformations to life from the first planning stage until the implementation. Particularly in the fields of digital revolution. Several CIVITTA branches already have IT development capacity out of 15 CIVITTA offices. Now this capacity is ready in Estonian office as well,” said Triin Andresson, CEO of Civitta Estonia.

“CIVITTA’s international network brings great potential to providing Singleton’s services. In addition to this, we are now able to begin developing services of the public sector with the support of CIVITTA’s experience of the field. As a result of the collaboration, Singleton can widen its services in the value chain of adopting digital products,” explained Norman Saarso, co-founder of Singleton.

Following the deal, both companies will continue working autonomously, but strategic cooperation enables the growth of revenue. According to the financial forecast, the revenue of CIVITTA Estonia and Singleton combined will exceed 10 mil EUR in the next 3 years.

CIVITTA is a challenger advisory, employing over 300 consultants in 23 offices and 15 countries. Revenue surpassed 17 mil EUR in 2019. CIVITTA aims to bring together the right people in order to shift boundaries and bring about significant change. CIVITTA Estonia’s revenue in 2019 was 4.3 mil EUR and the company employed 50 consultants.

Singleton is a digital production studio established in 2015, employing 25 developers in Tallinn and Tartu combined. In 2019, Singleton’s revenue surpassed 700 000 EUR. The company has enabled renowned companies in Estonia and Asia to launch nifty services. Clients, among others, are Veriff, UpSteam, Ekspress Group, Climate Corporation and Ridango.