CIVITTA Integrated social and healthcare service model

CIVITTA has finalized the 12-month long project for Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs and Viljandi hospital, preparing a new integrated social and healthcare service model. This is the next step in the line of work CIVITTA has done in health and social care sector.

The project was initiated to force a paradigm shift in regional social and healthcare system, from disease-orientation towards goal-oriented care. Goal-oriented care focuses on the achievement of the life goals of the individual in terms of quality and quantity of life. Research revealed that what really matters to people is the ability to function and have social participation, but today’s service providers focus on dealing with symptoms of the disease. 

To make the described change happen, CIVITTA worked out a new integrated care model. The model is based on the needs of people living in Viljandi region. This was achieved with the help of our international experience with integrated service solutions. Starting from the year 2018, the model will be piloted in Viljandi county focusing on 60+ years old segment. If the pilot project is successful, the toolbox of suitable solutions is ready to help other Estonian regions to implement a similar solution.