CIVITTA expands to Finland

The Helsinki team currently consists of four local consultants, focusing on three service lines. CIVITTA Finland helps Nordic businesses grow in their home markets, offers support in market entry and business development in the Baltics and Eastern Europe, and provides sourcing services of data analysts and other problem-solving capabilities for organizations.

“We now have an experienced team of four and are looking to hire more people. We see a lot of growth potential in professional services, as businesses struggle with digitalization and transformation. The demand for diverse, high-value problem solving is strong. Data volumes are growing at a huge pace, and we believe that successful companies must seamlessly integrate data analytics with their strategy. We are here to help with that.”, says Tuomas Virtanen, Managing Partner, CIVITTA Finland.

“Finland and the other Nordic countries are a great opportunity for us. The initial response in the market has been very positive. The Baltics and Nordics are rapidly growing closer to each other, and we wish to be a part of this development. We have seen strong demand for transparent and high-quality management consulting services from Nordic companies operating in the Baltics and Eastern Europe.”, says Riivo Anton, Co-Founder, CIVITTA Group.