CIVITTA partners with FasterCapital

CIVITTA North Macedonia and FasterCapital are now partners. The two companies will work together on expanding their networks and services, especially for startups and SMEs.

FasterCapital is an incubator based in Dubai. The company aims at supporting startups, especially in their early stages by becoming their technical co-founder. FasterCapital’s internal team will handle the technical development and will keep in touch with the founding team and will cooperate to make the best technical options and carry the process out. The incubation program FasterCapital developed offers many other services for the startup. To find out more about FasterCapital, please visit FasterCapital’s website.

Mr Heshma Zreik, CEO of FasterCapital comments, ”This partnership’s goal is to help more startups by reaching out to them and by strengthening our relations and networks in the startup ecosystem. FasterCapital and CIVITTA will work together towards this goal.”

Mr Panche Kralev, Associate Partner at CIVITTA North Macedonia stated, "FasterCapital pushes the boundaries of startup and SME support by achieving a truly global reach through effective virtual incubation. We hope that startups and SMEs from the Western Balkans who seek a technical founder and funding, with joint efforts from FasterCapital and CIVITTA North Macedonia, will be able to develop to tackle some of the most pressing issues we face today."