CIVITTA plays a role in building the Next Generation Internet

An H2020 project called "TETRA" that is part of the Next Generation Internet initiative has been just recently been kicked-off. CIVITTA’s Startup Team in Estonia is a project manager for TETRA.

NGI aims to shape the future internet as an ecosystem that embodies European values such as openness, inclusivity, transparency, privacy, cooperation, and protection of data. The overall mission of NGI initiative is to rebuild the Internet from the ground up for the third millennium and beyond to make it safer, yet open, while protecting us from cyber attacks and espionage.

The problems with the Internet today

Internet was not designed for the things it does today and currently, it is not future-proof. Some of the current challenges with internet result from the changed work and consumption behaviors of millennials, to whom the internet plays a big role in their everyday life. New technologies have been integrated with our workplaces, homes, and services we use on a daily basis and should anything happen, be it a natural disaster, we would not be able to sustain our life quality.

Another problem that Europe is facing is the lack of successful European internet companies and the fact that the US is showing the course of internet and innovation.

As the internet in Europe requires a lot of research investment and effort, the NGI initiative was born. The initiative wants to support the creation of an internet that supersedes the current internet. One that supports citizens and businesses to push further the frontiers of technology. An internet which retains people's trust in the online environment is more human-centric and offers the same opportunities for everyone.

Accelerator for the ideas that shape the Internet

Up to 500 projects and ideas who could make a difference in Europe will be funded by NGI. Our goal is to help turn these ideas into marketable products and services and prepare them for market success.

CIVITTA’s Startup Team in Estonia is leading the Investment Readiness activities for TETRA. We will help the funded projects to successfully select and raise the appropriate financing mix by offering fundraising trainings and introducing different follow-up investment and public funding opportunities.

The growth of new internet companies

We aim to generate new business opportunities and new internet companies with maximum growth and impact chances. In other words, TETRA is a business accelerator for the NGI initiative, which means that we will help innovative ideas shaping the internet become successful startups who could make a difference for the future generations in Europe.

Find out how NGI is shaping the future of the internet in Europe: