CIVITTA in partnership with Business with Impact is excited to invite business leaders to our online workshop: CUT COSTS THROUGH SUSTAINABILITY

On 23rd of November at 11-12 am (CET) you can learn how to use sustainability to drive down costs and thus increase your competitiveness. You get to understand how to create business value while making the world a better place. Our speakers Veeli Oeselg (Partner for Sustainability at CIVITTA) and Jasper Steinhausen (Founder & CEO of Business With Impact) will explain the risk and downside of continuing business as usual and how to make sustainability your winning formula.  

In this free introductory workshop for business leaders we will take you through the Mx5 Method with its five principles that a company must master to achieve a competitive edge through sustainability in your business. To maximize your value of this workshop, we have reserved an additional 15 minutes at the end for Q&A where you get a chance to get feedback on the question that is holding your back.

You will walk away with more clarity on:

  • why should sustainability be part of your corporate strategy;
  • how to make sustainability profitable;
  • what steps you have to take and which of them you are strong in;
  • where you need to put in some effort in order for you to get business results.

Prior registration is required and we kindly ask you to sign up by 21st of November through our registration form HERE. You can find our Facebook event here.


Veeli Oeselg will open the workshop with insights on the importance of turning sustainability into a strategy and the opportunities that it enables to unlock. She is a Partner for Sustainability in the management consulting company CIVITTA. Veeli is leading the management consulting service line in Estonia and sustainability initiatives across Civitta offices in 18 countries. The experience gained during 10+ years in consulting has given her insights to vast industries and business challenges of startups, SMEs as well as large corporations. She is committed to help companies to achieve tangible positive impacts from their sustainable transformation.

Jasper Steinhausen is the founder and CEO of the Danish company Business With Impact ApS. He is a business consultant specialized in making sustainability profitable for small and medium size companies. He has been speaking on this subject to well over 10.000 people and helped 100+ companies. Jasper is the longest-running consultant on the circular economy in the Nordic countries and has worked with small and medium size companies as well as Global brands like Grundfos, Vattenfall and Ørsted. He is a specialist in solving business problems and creating business results using circular economy and sustainability as the foundation. Jasper will be presenting the Mx5 method on how you can make sustainability profitable.

In case of questions, please contact [email protected].

See you at the workshop!