Defining strategic focus areas for a nordic sustainable material provider

The Client, a Nordic start-up, had reached good growth momentum in its first few years of inception, has also recently raised significant funding to become a global leader in sustainable materials replacing plastic. They had few initial products already on the market and had been facing a lot of interest from various industry applications. The client contacted CIVITTA for support in choosing and clarifying their strategic focus areas for R&D and commercial development activities.


CIVITTA took the challenge with a funnel approach – starting from a large universe of potential plastic product applications, and filtering out applications at several decision gates together with the Client. Elements such as technical feasibility, regulation, drivers of bio-adoption, market sizing, and unit economics evaluation were considered to narrow the list from over 600 alternatives to a top 20 list. Further application analysis for the top 20 alternatives was conducted, shedding light on the competitive environment and distribution channels, as well as identifying a tangible “hit list” of potential customers/partners.


Most promising applications were selected as focus areas to steer the Client’s commercial and R&D operations, as well as determining key hypotheses that should be tested with tangible discussions with potential client contacts. A list of potential value propositions to target separate market segments was also developed. Furthermore, CIVITTA provided a pricing tool for the Client to assess opportunity economics and enable comparison against alternatives.

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