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EIT Urban Mobility


EIT Urban Mobility is a European initiative to create liveable urban spaces. The topic of urbanisation and sustainability of urban mobility are topics that are every year more discussed. 

The European initiative EIT Urban Mobility forms Hubs in regions that connect citizens, cities and firms caring about this issue. It is an initiative with the objective to improve living space in cities via the involvement of citizens and companies, the connection of entities operating in the urban mobility, startup acceleration programs, and education of the general public.  

CIVITTA Slovakia has become the EIT Urban Mobility Slovak Hub within EIT Regional Innovation Schame (EIT RIS) program, which helps innovation in the European regions. The official opening of the Slovak Urban Mobility Slovak Hub took place on December 1, 2021, during an event organized by CIVITTA Slovakia – Climate Day.  

EIT Urban Mobility Slovak Hub aims to raise awareness about the innovative initiatives of Slovak cities, companies, and the ordinary citizens, who undertake specific actions to improve lives in the Slovak cities. 

Examples of successful initiatives, projects and companies are traffic app “Po meste” (via city), Tirn Technology, Švihaj-Šuhaj, AgeVolt, city hackathons, and many others.



The central topic is mobility in cities, the future of public transport, car sharing, electric cars, charging stations, bicycle transport and the creation of safe and pleasant public spaces in the cities. The topic of Urban Mobility unites Europe. The European wide cooperation is beneficial to us and to our cities.  

The Urban Mobility initiative is divided into five categories according to the target group: 

  • The city 

  • Education 

  • Innovation 

  • Companies 

  • Industry 

Workshops, discussions, and competitions are organized across all these areas, and they stimulate idea creation and help implement urban mobility solutions. We offer workshops and seminars to startups so that their solution become scalable and ready to penetrate the foreign market. 



EIT Urban Mobility with cities across Europe, provides a unique opportunity to startups to pilot urban mobility innovative solutions. The city of Bratislava currently participates in RAPTOR (Rapid Applicants for Transport) project, through which pilots a solution of the Belgian company BitaGreen. The goal of the solution is to identify locations where a green and blue infrastructure can reduce the risk of air pollution and traffic noise.




Activities of the EIT Urban Mobility Hub in Slovakia


The EIT Urban Mobility Hub in Slovakia organized 10 workshops in 2022 to develop entrepreneurial skills among university students and young professionals in the field of urban mobility. The Hub focused on urban innovation and organized an online seminar for city representatives who are dedicated to the implementation of innovations in cities related to mobility, climate neutrality and digitalization. 

Workshops offered in 2022: 

  • Financing for startups 

  • Startup simulator 

  • Design thinking 

  • How to pitch? 

  • From (hackathon) idea to startup 

  • Financing options for cities 



Our next regular event is the Climate Day conference: urban mobility and green innovation. It took place on November 30, 2022. The event was held under the auspices of the European Commission in Slovakia. The conference was officially opened by Vladimír Šucha, Head of the Representation of the European Commission in Slovakia.

The following topics were discussed: 

  • Mission Cities: an opportunity for Slovak climate-neutral cities? 

  • Possibilities of cooperation in urban innovations 

  • How can innovation help us achieve sustainable urban mobility? 



The Urban Mobility Hub regularly organizes Urban Mobility Startup Competitions as a part of the development and support for startups. The second year of the competition took place on November 30, 2022, at The Spot in Bratislava. Startups had a unique opportunity to present their solutions in front of the jury and get rapid access to investment or grant funding from EIT Urban Mobility up to €500,000. The winner of the Urban Mobility 2022 competition was startup  BikeUp, that provides children bikes for rent. 




How to participate in our activities?


EIT Urban Mobility Hub Slovakia plans events, workshops and educational activates in 2023. The information is sent in the CIVITTA Slovakia newsletter on regular basis. Subscribe our newsletter on this link. Xou can also follow CIVITTA on the social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

In case of any questions, do not hesitate to contact Civitta Slovakia by email: [email protected] 

More information about EIT Urban Mobility is available on the website: https://www.eiturbanmobility.eu/