Evaluating requirements of the Rail Baltic Muuga

CIVITTA started working on the technological and spatial needs analysis of the Rail Baltic Muuga multimodal cargo terminal. Anticipated deadline for completion of the works is in September 2017.

The cost-benefit analysis should identify the two most cost-effective and realistic solutions for a multi-modal cargo terminal in Muuga, evaluating its technological capabilities and functionality, based on the flow of goods and the long-term analysis of the Rail Baltic until the year of 2055.

The Muuga Port and Rail Baltic railway both belong to the TEN-T network connecting the whole of Europe. The planned multimodal cargo terminal will give a new drive to the Estonian economy, creating new opportunities for port expansion, servicing new product lines to serve and give an important impulse for Estonia in the form of new investments.  

The Muuga cargo terminal cost-benefit analysis has four phases:

Phase I: Analysis of existing situation and demand forecasts of trade flows
Phase II: Analysis of multimodal cargo terminal spatial and technical needs
Phase III: Creating and evaluating the two alternative scenarios
Phase IV: Action Plan and draft project for R & D activities