Expanding Presence in Moldova: Welcoming New Talent in CIVITTA

We are excited to welcome Stela Corobceanu as our new Associate Partner in Moldova and look forward to the contributions she will bring to our team as we continue to expand our presence in this market!

Stela Corobceanu is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in designing and managing development projects in Moldova. Her areas of expertise include regional and local development, governance, economic development, and gender.

As a former civil servant who served as both the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and chief of the Foreign Economic Department at the Ministry of Economy, Stela is well-versed in managing internal and external challenges across political, economic, and social spheres. She has championed national and international dialogue on peace, stability, and security.

As a GIZ Policy Advisor, Stela provided invaluable assistance to the Parliamentary Committee covering Local Public Administration, Regional Development, Agriculture, and Environment sectors during several consecutive legislatures. Her work with Moldova's public authorities, particularly on FCDO and GIZ projects, has focused on enhancing the capacity of local stakeholders to ensure inclusive local development that benefits women in measurable ways. Through this work, she has honed her ability to negotiate complex multi-stakeholder environments to create regional sectoral policies and a robust pipeline of investable projects for Moldovan state institutions to be able to step on the robust development path. 


What potential opportunities exist currently in the Moldovan market, and how can these opportunities be maximized to achieve success in this unique landscape?

As Moldova progresses as an EU candidate on an association path, it faces both challenges and prospects for growth. To maximize these opportunities, it is essential to adopt an inclusive approach and prioritize regional and local development, while embracing a holistic perspective.

Prioritizing regional development, agriculture, tourism, IT, and renewable energy can lead to success. Moreover, building strong partnerships with local communities, leveraging support mechanisms, and embracing a holistic approach is crucial. 


What strategies would you employ to identify and acquire new clients in the Moldovan market? How would you approach building relationships with key stakeholders in target industries?

To effectively acquire new clients in the Moldovan market, we will implement a range of strategies. Our primary focus will be on establishing CIVITTA's strong brand positioning in the local consultancy market. CIVITTA is a collaborative network of professionals known for leveraging expertise in public policy, governance, and private consulting. Additionally, we have a proven track record in innovation policy, digital services, and successful EU integration in countries such as Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Ukraine.

It is worth mentioning that CIVITTA has already supported the Moldova Investment Platform, a project funded by USAID and DAI, demonstrating our experience working in the Moldovan market. By utilizing our network of CEE and Nordic competence centres, we can offer comprehensive insights and analytical support for EU integration efforts.

Through these strategies, CIVITTA aims to position itself as the leading consultancy firm in Moldova, providing innovative solutions and fostering strong relationships with key stakeholders.