Navigating through the crisis with Fact-based Analysis and Proactive Scenario Planning

The ongoing global crisis will disrupt normally well-functioning planning and operative processes in many organizations, while at the same time the need for decisive and fact-based decision-making is greater than ever.

We at CIVITTA have partnered with AI Roots — an AI and data analytics network — to form an experienced task force, helping organizations to:

  • Produce a constantly updating situation assessment, tailored to fit the needs of your organization and operating environment
  • Develop data-driven scenarios on the evolvement of the crisis and its impacts, and consequently optimizing company's operating processes around that
  • Identify growth and development opportunities that the crisis brings and to plan how to capture those in an optimal way

We believe we can support your company to adapt to this extraordinary situation and enable faster recovery back to normal:


We can help your organization survive the crisis with following:

  • Business intelligence models to continuously track the progress of pandemic, with core supply and demand KPI’s of an organization
  • Data driven scenario tools to uncover realistic options for the mid-term impact of the crisis.
  • Deep dives to critical issues for your organization, utilizing internal and external data sources and AI
  • Data-driven tools to support the implementation of the adjustments to the operations in an efficient way
  • Change management support during the adjustments of operations
  • Scaling plan for the supply (labour & capacity, materials) that tolerates uncertainty, based on realistic demand scenarios
  • Facts-based understanding of the pandemic’s impact on future customer expectations, and to customer and competitor landscape


CIVITTA and AI Roots are ready to accelerate you back to the growth path — contact us to discuss how we could help your company.

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