Helping an innovative start-up access financing through EIC Accelerator

CIVITTA always strives to help highly innovative start-ups — and we are happy to announce that the Romanian start-up dotLumen has received a 9m EUR blended financing from the prestigious European Innovation Council, through EIC Accelerator, in the largest-ever funding round from the accelerator.

dotLumen, founded in 2020 as a research start-up, are the creators of the first glasses meant to help the blind live a better life.

“We are proud to contribute to the growth of the scaling potential dotLumen has, by helping them to access the needed funding. The fact that this is the first Romanian start-up that accesses the EIC financing is a sign of maturity for the local start-up ecosystem; dotLumen is a benchmark both in terms of vision and financing strategy.”
Silvia Ursu, Associate Partner, CIVITTA Romania

The EIC Accelerator is one of the most competitive funding programs in Europe, where the success rate is 8.1%, and the top 3 countries in attracting funding are France, Germany and Israel, countries with a tradition in the area of innovation and technological development.

CIVITTA has helped dotLumen to identify the financing source that would enable them to continue their R&D process, to bring their product to market and scale. Furthermore, we have assisted in writing the funding application and preparing for the interview stage in what is one of the most competitive European funding programs.

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