Horizon2020 funding for a smart waste management technology company

In 2020, CIVITTA Slovakia helped the Bratislava-based company Sensoneo get the prestigious grant and equity funding from Horizon 2020 scheme EIC Accelerator.

Sensoneo offers a smart enterprise-grade waste management technology for cities and waste management businesses to efficiently manage their waste while improving the environment and well-being of people. Sensoneo combines in-house developed, and EU-manufactured ultrasonic Smart Sensors that monitor waste in real-time with sophisticated software. The impact of ineffective waste collection is a burden on the environment due to consequent CO2 emissions and on city budgets due to high costs for fuel, FTEs, or vehicle wear.

CIVITTA Slovakia helped Sensoneo attract €1.368 million in grant funding and leverage an equity-based investment offer of €3 million. In this project, Sensoneo plans to tag all 110,000 bins in one EU capital and demonstrate its capability to provide full coverage and transparency, enabling waste management companies to monitor the waste production of individual households. Sensoneo would be the first market player in the world to unlock the pay-as-you-waste business model. Sensoneo also wants to finalize a prototype of its sensor with radar technology that can detect contamination of different types of waste, particularly with a focus on biowaste. The company would be the first solution to enable such detection, helping reduce harmful methane emissions.

Sensoneo became only the second-ever recipient of the competitive grant from Slovakia and the first-ever Slovak company to be offered equity funding from EIC. The success underlines CIVITTA’s local and international expertise in attracting funding for innovative companies.

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