Identification of business partners in a new market

A company seeking support in identifying potential business partners in Germany invited CIVITTA for a cooperation.

Using the available data, CIVITTA analysts provided the client with a complete database of several dozen companies verified in terms of compliance of their operations with the client's requirements.

Searching for data about companies operating on the market

Due to the lack of ready-made databases in the analysed area, the client needed support in the process of preparing a database of companies operating on a precisely defined market of printed circuit boards (PCB) assembly services.

Analysis enabling selection of companies with the right profile

Using data from various sources, CIVITTA analysts prepared a list of all companies operating in the analysed market. Then, based on criteria agreed with the client, they identified several dozen of the most significant players. For selected organisations, they prepared a complete database containing the most important information, such as address data, detailed business profile and financial results.

All key data about potential business partners in one file

The database prepared by CIVITTA contained all the most important information about selected companies and allowed the client to make further business decisions.

Creating a database with detail information about the major market players may be a part of a larger project or a separate task. However, it is worth preparing such analysis when looking for business partners or entities for a takeover or wanting to get to know the competition.

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