Innovate Slovakia platform

Let’s Innovate Slovakia together! 

We are launching a new platform to empower the Slovak innovative and start-up scene and foster its innovative capacities. The objective of this portal is to provide all the information and data critical to enable their fact-based decision-making and the growth of the start-up and the whole innovation ecosystem. 

The Innovate Slovakia team (CIVITTA & SAPIE)

The Innovate Slovakia team (CIVITTA & SAPIE)

What we aspire to do

With these goals, the activities of Innovate Slovakia focus on the specific help to entrepreneurs that face difficulties obtaining the necessary information. The portal is determined to become a GO-TO source of centralized information for the SMEs and start-up scene in the area of innovation. The portal will be collecting the data on the investments in the start-ups and scale-ups in Slovakia to enable potential partners to get in touch and share their know-how in specific areas. The data will be curate based on the types of businesses and the stage they find themselves in, with specific sections on the key skills, available accelerators, funding, legal templates, or government support. 

We aspire to share the success stories of Slovak start-ups to showcase the potential of Slovakia and inspire others to follow their lead thanks to the available support infrastructure. The ultimate aim of Innovate Slovakia is to build a community through the co-organization of local events and the connection of the key stakeholders within the innovation ecosystem in Slovakia. 


The main goals of this platform

The main justification for our activity is the current void or at least a considerable gap in the area of information available to the starting and prospective businesses, in terms of funding opportunities and options, available partners in different stages of the business development, from planning, through the development of the business model, financing or the growth and development of the business to go global. 

Furthermore, despite the often-negative comparison of Slovakia to the leaders in innovation, would like to recognize the successes and strengths of the Slovak tech sector. This sector has provided the world with inspirational success stories and offers incredible strength in terms of human capital and research capacity. 

However, Slovakia also needs to learn from the best, from the leaders in innovation and digital transformation. The region of Central and Eastern Europe offers Slovakia multiple successful examples of start-up support schemes (Start-up Estonia, Start-up Delta) or collaborations of the IT sector with university and research capacities (IT cluster in Krakow). Slovakia needs to identify the main aspects of these success stories and replicate them successfully in Slovakia. 

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What happens now

The portal aspires to be the portal that connects and involves the entire innovation and business community to contribute, develop and correct the data and to get this community to work together. The effect of this cooperation should bear its fruits in the preparation of new proposals for the national policy, regulatory changes, or support for specific areas that could help Slovakia get ahead. If you feel you want to contribute or just want to stay in touch, you have an opportunity to be a part of this journey. 

Let’s Innovate Slovakia together.