Justė Pačkauskaitė becomes CIVITTA Lithuania Partner

We are proud to announce that Justė Pačkauskaitė, an Associate Partner and a long term CIVITTA employee, was promoted to Partner of the CIVITTA Lithuania office as of March 7th.

Justė joined CIVITTA Lithuania in 2011 as a Project Manager and since then has been doing great work both in Lithuania and abroad. In the past years Justė became one of the core people in exporting CIVITTA's knowledge beyond the borders of our seven home markets, mostly to the UK and other Western European countries.  Before joining CIVITTA, Justė spent 4 years working in Prime Investment, an investment banking company in Lithuania. Building on this expertise, Justė continued serving financial and professional services companies as well as transferred strong analytical thinking to solving problems in a highly data-driven telecommunications sector.

Justė is not only an exemplary leader in terms of building client relationships, but also when growing our people. She has always been sharp and demanding, but at the same time also understanding the human side of our business.

We believe that this addition to the Partners’ panel will help further grow CIVITTA Lithuania and we wish all the best to Justė as our new Partner of CIVITTA Lithuania.