Labour market research of highly qualified construction workers

The company operating in the European Union in the area of specialist construction needed new, highly qualified employees (including electricians, insulators, scaffolders). In response to these needs, it decided to ensure an influx of specialists from other Union countries, mainly Central and Eastern Europe.

CIVITTA has conducted market research of qualified employees and prepared recommendations on the most effective methods of recruiting them for work in the client's countries of operation.

Mobility of highly qualified technical personnel

The client's specialised business profile makes the specific skills of the employees a very valuable asset. One of the advantages of operating in the European Union is the open market of workers but obtaining highly qualified workers is not easy due to the high demand for their work and the limited number of such people on the market. The employees’ willingness to move depends on factors such as wage levels, non-wage benefits or the language used at work. To be effective in attracting employees with the right level of skills, it is necessary to recognise this competitive market. In addition to creating an attractive offer that corresponds to the realities of the market, there is also a need for effective channels to reach potential employees (such as employment agencies or web portals). CIVITTA experts analysed both these aspects to help the client formulate the most effective recruitment strategy.

Definition and assessment of possible scenarios for employee recruitment

CIVITTA considered the client's problem from the perspective of possible scenarios of effective employee recruitment. One of them was to set up its own office in the country from which the company could acquire employees. The second scenario concerned entering into cooperation with an employment agency present on the local market, which would help in recruiting employees for international projects.

In order to assess the possible scenarios, CIVITTA has analysed the market in terms of:

  • the general national labour market situation,
  • national salaries and the level of availability of employees in professions of interest to the client,
  • the main competitors in the recruitment of employees - companies with a similar business profile present on the market,
  • the number of foreign offers available, including wages and other terms and conditions of employment,
  • the market for employment agencies sending workers abroad (including interviews with their employees).

An effective strategy for attracting professionals

The analyses carried out by CIVITTA allowed to indicate the advantages and disadvantages of the analysed scenarios of employee recruitment based on market data. Apart from indicating the most favourable scenario, the collected data allowed to prepare a set of recommendations for its implementation. CIVITTA specialists prepared an action plan for the client, including a description of individual stages, potential benefits, and possible risks in its implementation. In addition, CIVITTA also provided knowledge about the employment conditions offered by the client's competitors on the market and a list of the best employment agencies – potential future partners.

In order to succeed in highly competitive markets, such as the market for highly qualified technicians in the European Union, it is necessary to have a thorough understanding of the competitive environment and to analyse the pros and cons of possible ways of operating in the market. Acquiring foreign workers, for whom there is a high demand, requires both preparing an appropriate offer and finding an effective communication channel. In the case of companies wishing to recruit employees from eastern EU countries, it will be effective to use local experts who will study the market and prepare the best strategy.

CIVITTA can help your company understand local labour markets and develop a strategy to obtain the employees you need for your international projects!