Market due diligence and technology assessment of an energy start-up

CIVITTA has been commissioned to validate an innovative solution in the energy market that was designed to optimise power transmission capacities.

Project feasibility and profitability validation

The client considered granting equity financing to a start-up to enable faster final solution delivery and to enter the commercialisation phase. To be able to make a concise decision, market and technology validation by an external consultant was required to verify if the solution has future monetisation potential and if it is innovative enough to acquire market attention.

Comprehensive market and technology due diligence

Analysis conducted by CIVITTA covered the topics of potentially acquirable market, key market trends, competitive landscape, alternative tools available, technical feasibility of the product and situation regarding intellectual property rights. CIVITTA consultants based their analysis on statistical data, industry reports and experts’ interviews.

Ready to implement recommendations

The purpose of the analysis was to spot red flags that would preclude the client’s investment and give firm recommendations as to the further project development directions. Major takeaways from the project were summarized in a SWOT analysis format.

The key fundaments of analysed innovation included the energy transmission capacity optimisation and smarter inclusion of energy prosumers into the system. The objective of the due diligence analysis was less to find answers for the IF question and much more for the HOW question.