Marketing Strategy for the largest bread producer in Moldova

CIVITTA Moldova completed research and developed a marketing strategy for the largest bread producer in Moldova – “Franzeluța”. Franzeluța is a state-owned company, with a market share of 40% on the bread market and it is an incontestable leader on the fresh, conserved pastry and pasta markets.

At the market research stage, the project team looked at the consumption and production trends on the Moldovan market and based on the data provided by Franzeluța, estimated its market share across segments. Consumer behavior was evaluated through a qualitative survey designed to gauge the consumption patterns of Moldovan consumers in the capital as well as in the regions.

The marketing strategy was developed based on the research elaborated at the previous stage in conjunction with an in-depth analysis of Franzeluța’s product portfolio and financial resources over the last couple of years. The strategic initiatives have been developed in close consultation with the Franzeluța team within the framework of two workshops and backed up by a mid-term action plan.