Martti Rell: CIVITTA creates an environment for personal development

By Martti Rell, Senior Consultant at CIVITTA

It is 4 am and it is still dark outside. It is freezing while you are waking up in a small tent at 4000 meters above sea level, getting ready for a summit push in the early hours of the morning. Thinking “Why am I doing this”? No. Feeling nervous? Definitely, but excited at the same time for the challenging adventure ahead.

Although the story above describes a day of trekking in the high mountains – one of my favorite hobbies –, I believe working at CIVITTA is very alike as challenges and pleasure come hand in hand. Furthermore, CIVITTA’s mission of being the challenger advisory does not only describe the attitude and mindset of people inside the company but it also reflects on our clients – hard-working, innovative, eager to learn, adventurous and thinking outside the box with the goal to grow and improve.

I truly believe that the mindset of our clients is a crucial factor to make us at CIVITTA push the boundaries – motivated and growth-driven clients give us the extra energy to deliver greater value back to them. On the other hand, CIVITTA creates a fantastic environment for personal development by surrounding employees with a team of smart ambitious people who are eager to learn, which in return helps to ensure the highest quality of work.

Although I have worked at CIVITTA for less than 2 years, joining right after completing my Masters in finance at London School of Economics, the personal growth journey has been incredible through diverse experience and challenging projects. Compared to more mature and traditional consulting companies, CIVITTA allows you to take a major responsibility in projects from your first day in the office which helps to accelerate your growth to seasoned consulting expert. During this short period of time, I have been involved in projects in various industries from cybersecurity and telecoms to sauna production and food manufacturing, working on projects related to market research, strategy developing and financial modeling.

However, in addition to developing industry-specific knowledge and skills, probably the most important aspect of CIVITTA is its international reach, allowing you to travel to other countries and work on projects with cross-border teams to experience different cultures and better understand others’ perspectives on particular problems. From general organizational culture and customer behavior differences to specific issues such as traditional holidays, this becomes especially important when the strategy project includes expansion to foreign markets that may have a very different culture to your home country.

For me personally, all of the aforementioned aspects of the job came together in one of my first projects with CIVITTA – a merger between two sauna production companies to form the biggest sauna company in the world. CIVITTA’s team consisted of 5 different nationalities with clients having production-related operations in 4 different countries and sales presence in most of the countries in the northern hemisphere. Therefore, in addition to developing the post-merger strategy and its implementation, an equally important part of the project was to keep the environment inside the company between people and countries pleasant and productive during the merger process.

I firmly believe that CIVITTA is a perfect place to start your career in management consulting as you will get opportunities and responsibility from day one in a diverse workplace with interesting projects. After my experience with the company, I can assure you – CIVITTA is like a second family that supports the growth of its people.