Packaging market analysis as the basis for creating a growth strategy

An international producer of packaging systems was looking for reliable data about the Polish packaging market. The market analysis carried out by the CIVITTA team provided vital information about the market and possible directions of its development.

Research providing in-depth knowledge about the market

Despite operating in the Polish market, the client did not have all the information necessary to develop a growth strategy. A detailed market analysis was needed to understand the industry's specifics better and make strategic decisions regarding, among others, expanding the portfolio.

Analysis including information from market players

At the research stage, CIVITTA researchers combined knowledge coming from both existing data and opinions of market players. In-depth interviews allowed the client to learn more about the relationships between individual market participants and the key challenges of packaging producers.

The central part of the project was the analysis of customer demand and expectations. The first step was to identify the main segments in the group of packaging recipients. In the following steps, an analysis was carried out for each of these segments in order to build a complete picture of the current market situation and present its development potential.

The other important project part was the competition analysis. It focused on the offered products, target customers and marketing communication.

Data showing possible directions to offer development

CIVITTA analysis allowed identifying market-related risks, such as low brand awareness and dependence on companies implementing warehouse solutions.

Comparing the client's offer with the competition made it possible to find out the main differences between individual players, which may help choose further directions of portfolio development.

When any company wants to build a growth strategy in terms of entering new market segments or expanding the offer with new products, it is necessary not only to analyse the size of individual segments but also to check whether these segments have space for another player.

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