Projects for US manufacturers searching for business partners

CIVITTA Poland has carried out a number of projects for companies from the United States interested in entering the European Union markets. CIVITTA experts identified potential business partners and prepared trade visits of US producers in Poland.

Identifying market opportunities for foreign companies

For companies originated from outside Europe, which operate in different business and cultural environments, entering European markets might be a great challenge. Therefore, they seek the support of local experts in order to:

  • understand the characteristics and specificities of the target market in a given country,
  • identify the best business model for new markets,
  • find the relevant business partners,
  • define the terms and conditions of cooperation attractive to both parties,
  • arrange trade visits.

An advisory agency with local experts and an excellent understanding of the market, including B2B relations, can effectively help companies that do not have previous experience and human resources in a given geographical area.

CIVITTA has carried out a number of such projects for clients from around the world, including US clients. CIVITTA experts have helped to attract business partners for companies such as a logistics service provider, a manufacturer of paper materials and decorations, a manufacturer of valves and controllers for compressed air systems or a manufacturer of machinery for factories.

Business partners search tailored to specific client’s needs

CIVITTA supports clients looking for foreign business partners at all stages of the process, from defining objectives to participating in business meetings. The entire support process can be described as a multi-stage cooperation model, each time individually tailored to the target market and customer needs. It consists of the following stages:

  1. defining the customer's expectations and goals as regards entering the new market,
  2. discussing the characteristics and specificities of the target market,
  3. definition of boundary conditions of cooperation expected by the client,
  4. preparing so called long list of potential partners,
  5. analysis of the list in terms of the profile of the identified companies and prioritization,
  6. preparation of supporting materials (information about the client, product portfolio, etc.),
  7. contacting selected companies, collecting feedback, confirmation of willingness to cooperate, preliminary definition of expected terms and conditions,
  8. preparation of a trade visit (scheduling meetings, support in organising the visit: logistics, translator, etc.),
  9. participation of CIVITTA experts in business meetings.

Maximising the benefits during a limited stay

Thanks to the support of CIVITTA Poland local advisors, foreign manufacturers can increase their chances of winning new commercial contracts on the Polish market and maximize the effectiveness of time spent in Poland. CIVITTA's flexible approach allows us to adjust our activities to the individual business case.

Proper understanding of the customer's needs and their placement in the specific environment of the target market by local experts allows to identify the right market approach for the customer and thus find relevant business partners. When working with external advisors, it is important to determine the expected level of their involvement. If the client comes from a distant, culturally and economically different market, usually support at all stages of the process of acquiring new business partners is the most helpful. This may include preparation of a business visit, as well as direct support during business meetings.

Contact us if you are looking for new business partners. CIVITTA experts will help you find them and conduct successful business meetings!