Research of POS systems market in Poland

A foreign producer and provider of POS (point of sale) systems start its operations on the Polish market. CIVITTA conducted research, which resulted in market segmentation and identification of the needs of the target group. The aim of the project was to develop a strategy for the Polish market that would include appropriate positioning and targeting of the customer's offer.

Research aimed at tailoring the strategy to the situation on the target market

A manufacturer of POS systems, operating mainly in the Scandinavian countries, has decided to start its operations on the Polish market. The client already had a range of products and services at its disposal, as well as developed market communication and distribution models used in other countries. However, when starting the activity on the Polish market, the client needed to verify the adequacy of his offer to local conditions.

The CIVITTA research included such elements as:

  • identification of local and international players present on the POS market in Poland,
  • understanding their business models and an overview of their products,
  • identification of the main customer segments,
  • analysis of trends that will shape the market in the coming years.

Demand and supply-side research to understand the complex B2B market

The approach proposed by CIVITTA consisted of two complementary elements.

First of them was desk research, which the main objective was to understand the supply side of the market: the main competitors, their market positions and business models. The main challenge during this stage of the research was to understand the links between the numerous brands and companies present on the POS market or in its specific, narrower areas. CIVITTA analysts grouped the main market players according to their business profiles and divided them into competitors and potential business partners of the client.

The second stage of the work was to conduct qualitative research among users of POS systems in Poland, mainly restaurants and retail stores. The aim of this research was to get to know the needs of customers from different market segments and to understand their perception of the POS market and their previous experience in this area.

Market positioning based on the target market analysis

Research has shown that the market of POS systems in Poland differs significantly from the markets where the producer is present. The distribution and market communication models dominating in the producer's existing portfolio proved to be less common on the Polish market. Moreover, the level of development of some new market trends differs among the countries, which requires a flexible approach to the organization of the portfolio in different markets. For example, self-service solutions, common on the Scandinavian markets, in Poland are mainly visible in large retail and catering chains.

CIVITTA's research has allowed the client to understand the Polish market and to gain the knowledge necessary to match the offer for Polish clients based on their own portfolio of products and services, as well as to understand the most interesting client segments and established ways of market communication. Thanks to the report provided by CIVITTA, the client could prepare a strategy tailored to local market realities.

For B2B markets, especially those that are mature, often there are some established structures, links and business models developed over the years. For this reason, the same B2B sector can operate quite differently from country to country. When planning foreign expansion in B2B areas, good research and data-based knowledge are needed to understand the local specificities and to prepare one's strategy accordingly.

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