Side by side series | Manuk Hergnyan and Yeva Arevikyan

Coming back to the interview series “Side by side” where we asked one Consultant and one Partner to give us a glimpse into their day-to-day activities and show us a parallel of being in both positions. This time, we asked our colleagues from the Armenian branch. Manuk Hergnyan is a Managing Partner whereas Yeva Arevikyan is a Consultant.


1. What is your perfect morning routine to start the day?

Manuk: Caring for the soul and the body that prepares me for the day which is mostly work of the mind. On a perfect day, the latter will start with catching up and planning with the team. The best feeling for the start is when you sense you are completely synchronized with the team and have common plans on how to tackle the challenges of the day and week ahead.

Yeva: My perfect morning routine involves taking a refreshing walk in the city, enjoying a cup of coffee, and reading an article to jumpstart my day. 


2. What is the music track that you love to play when coming to work?

Manuk: Mostly classical pieces. The Italian masters come to help when I need uplifting, particularly Correlli, Vivaldi, Albinoni, and Palestrina.

Yeva: I have a wide range of musical tastes, but I have a soft spot for jazz. I love to start my day with the smooth sounds of Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington and others.


3. How do you usually relax during work breaks?

Manuk: Sometimes I take a short walk, although that is more of a different mode of work rather than a break since it helps me think sharper. Any action that helps move eyes off the computer as well as avoid lengthy meetings is relaxing. Ideally, I would love to have an opportunity to close my eyes for 15min.

Yeva: As our office is in the heart of Yerevan, during breaks I take a walk around the beautiful surroundings or grab a latte from the nearby café.


4. Do you cook and if so, what is your favourite dish to make?

Manuk: My wife and kids are desperate to taste my fried potatoes which I claim I can make at Michelin star level. However, the last time I did it I was a student.

Yeva: Admittedly, I haven't been active in the kitchen lately, although I enjoy experimenting. I have special dishes that I cook during holiday preparations, and desserts are my favourites.


5. How do you keep your motivation up during the day?

Manuk: Typically it is not about motivation but rather the energy to do the planned activities which are always overwhelming. Sometimes stopping, looking back and restarting when fully recharged is the best option.

Yeva: I enjoy the process of finding effective solutions. I am a firm believer in the power of persistence and the impact of overcoming small steps towards long-term goals. This mindset helps me stay focused and motivated on the bigger picture.


6. Do you have some hobbies and if so, which ones?

Manuk: I like playing chess. Playing 2-minute games keeps me in shape to postpone the day when my younger son will beat me.

Yeva: I have several hobbies that I enjoy in my free time. Dancing used to be a big part of my life, and even though I no longer dance professionally, it remains a passion of mine. I love attending ballet and dance performances at the Armenian National Opera and Ballet Theater, where had a humbling experience of performing. Additionally, I enjoy singing. Furthermore, I follow football and try to catch all the big tournaments.


7. What is your favourite weekend activity?

Manuk: Going out with the family, attending church and reading, particularly philosophy books and taking care of numerous social initiatives I spearhead.

Yeva: I enjoy spending my weekends doing a mix of relaxing and energizing activities. To make weekends extra special I go out of the city to spend quality time with family and friends.


8. What did you learn during your time in CIVITTA?

Manuk: Constant learning is a calling and consulting is one of the best places to realize it.

Yeva: The learning process is extensive and continuous, and as I look back, I value how much I have developed from one point to another. I have had the opportunity to work on impactful and interesting projects, collaborate with talented colleagues both locally and internationally, and learn the importance of having a challenger mindset - constantly seeking new solutions and being committed to lifelong learning.


9. What do you like most about your team?

Manuk: Everyone is eager to learn new things, increase their competencies and have nice activities together. Every team member feels particularly rewarded when they see the concrete impact of our work on businesses and the country in general. 

Yeva: I like the diligent nature of our team spiced with a good sense of humour. We hold weekly 'Joint coffee' experience-sharing sessions and enjoy joyful team gatherings outside the office.


10. How would you describe CIVITTA in a few words?

Manuk: Rolled-up sleeves rather than glossy packaging.

Yeva: C(Challenger) I(Inspiring) V(Vibrant) I(Impactful) T(Team-spirited) T(Transformative) A(Adventurous)