Tender analysis for strategy development

With a tailored approach to data collection and analysis, CIVITTA market researchers have developed pricing strategy recommendations based on tenders analysis for the medical devices market. 

Reliable data is the basis for making business decisions

The manufacturer of medical devices needed the support of an experienced research company in the process of building and implementing a new sales strategy. To define the pricing policy, it was crucial to know the price level of competitors and to analyze the level of price changes depending on specific criteria, such as the number of products ordered and the duration of the contract.

Although public data from tenders are widely available, they usually are unstructured and incomplete. Therefore, the most important element of this research project was:

  • Selection of tenders that were important from the point of view of the client's portfolio,
  • Creating a full picture of each tender, including subject and scale of the order, so that it was possible to refer to specific products from the client's portfolio,
  • Providing data that were the most detailed and confirmed in the contract, before the next order cycle in order to determine the optimal price approach.

Organizing and verifying public data changes big data into smart data

To ensure high credibility and consistency of the collected data, CIVITTA conducted an analysis of the adverts published in public procurement databases and prepared a list of tender tasks that were important from the point of view of the client's offer and which became the basis for further work:

  • Gathering data directly from entities placing the orders, available in the form of binding documents (contracts, agreements, price and product attachments),
  • Data classification and verification
  • Data analysis and preparation pricing and sales policies recommendations

Reliable price benchmark builds a real competitive advantage

CIVITTA research team is able to provide data for up to 90% of tender tasks defined on the basis of contracts.

Using the data provided by CIVITTA (both in the form of databases and an online platform enabling quick retrieval of selected information), our clients can:

  • Do the market segmentation according to the attractiveness of individual entities that are placing the orders,
  • Define the calendar of tenders they want to participate in the case of regular purchases,
  • Define sales targets for sales representatives that are based on historical data illustrating the scale of orders,
  • Verify their own offers by comparing them with competitors taking part in similar tenders.

What data can be obtained by a tender analysis?

Potential customers

  • The largest public clients with their contact data
  • Geographical concentration / mapping customers

Shopping patterns

  • Size, value and frequency of shopping
  • Criteria for supplier selection
  • Details of contracts concluded (duration, unit price, etc.)


  • Sales results (based on tender documentation): sales volume and value, customer portfolio in the public sector, unit prices, length of contracts, etc.
  • Qualitative evaluation of sales strategy applied by major players, including their strengths and weaknesses


  • Major distributors and their sales results from the public sector (based on the tender documentation)
  • Qualitative assessment of sales activities conducted by distributors in the area of public orders

CIVITTA provides clients with data that helps them make better business decisions. Well-designed data is used by clients both at the management level (strategy development) and operational for tender submission.