The European Labour Authority is your chance to be part of building an EU Agency.

CIVITTA is the leading consulting and research company in Central and Eastern Europe with the headquarters in Estonia. In partnership with S&you by SYNERGIE from Slovakia, CIVITTA is helping to build up the team of The European Labour Authority. 

ELA is an European Union body in the area of cross-border labor mobility. Its aim is to facilitate access for individuals and employers to information on their rights and obligations; support cooperation between EU countries in the cross-border enforcement of relevant Union law, including by facilitating joint inspections; and mediate and facilitate a solution in cases of cross-border disputes between national authorities. The Authority should reach its full operational capacity by 2024. Further information on the Authority is available on its website here

Currently we employ over 10 people working in ELA as interimaires and the positions that they fulfill are for example: Administrative Assistant, Communication Assistant, Communication Officer, Events Assistant, HR Assistant, Policy Officer, Project Officer. 

If you would like to be a part of our ELA team, send your CV and a brief cover letter through the link here and we’ll see if there is a match!

If there are any questions, write to us at [email protected].