We have launched InnoEnergy Hub together with EC Commissioner

The Vice-President of the European Commission for Energy Union Maros Sefcovic inaugurated a Slovak branch of the biggest investment fund and accelerator in the energy industry.

As of summer 2018, Slovakia is a part of InnoEnergy – the biggest European investment fund and accelerator in the energy sector. The goal of InnoEnergy is to support innovation and build innovative communities in areas such as energy efficiency, smart buildings and cities, conservation of energy, and renewable resources. Additionally, InnoEnergy supports innovation at all stages - from the emergence of new ideas to the market entry. Along with its European network consisting of more than 160 partners, it connects innovators and researchers with industry, entrepreneurs with markets, and university graduates with businesses.

The opening ceremony of the Slovak branch of InnoEnergy Hub took place in the ARCHA gallery on 29th September 2017. Together with the Vice-President of the European Commission for Energy Union Maros SefcovicJakub MillerCEO of InnoEnergy Central Europe, and Peter KolesarCIVITTA Slovakia’s CEO attended the event.

“It is an opportunity to intensify the innovation support of the energy sector in Slovakia. Undoubtedly, Slovakia has the potential to succeed in this industry. One of the possible ways is more intense cooperation between successful energy stakeholders and young tech companies, ” commented  Maros Sefcovic, the Vice-President of the European Commission.

Thanks to InnoEnergy’s activities, Slovak start-ups in the energy industry can get mentoring and access to the international network of investors, experts, corporations, and customers. For newly launched companies, a financial acceleration up to 150K euros is available. Furthermore, InnoEnergy offers support to SMEs – either in expanding into new European markets or securing additional funding.

Large companies get the opportunity to cooperate with prospective European start-ups or to receive a product development funding of up to several million euros. Large innovation projects of companies and subsequent market implementation of the revolutionary technologies already received more than 157million euros from the fund. Moreover, InnoEnergy offers post-graduate studies for future energy leaders as well as international programs, internships, and projects that connect students with companies.

CIVITTA Slovakia, a consulting company that supports innovative companies and research activities, is the represents InnoEnergy in Slovakia. CIVITTA Slovakia actively scouts for potential investments in InnoEnergy’s name and prepares Slovak start-ups for the entry to the acceleration program. According to Peter Kolesár, CEO of CIVITTA Slovakia, “Slovakia has a lot to offer when it comes to energy solutions and innovative technologies. Top companies that already established their presence on the European and global market, as well as prospective start-ups in the early stages of development, are constantly proving this potential”.

Under the aegis of CIVITTA Slovakia, the first round of PowerUp!, the biggest energy competition for start-ups, was organized in Slovakia. Slovak finals took place on 11th October in Bratislava and the winner advanced to the European final round hosted at the end of November in Budapest.