Which industries are ready for e-signature?

Asseco Data Systems wanted to understand its potential clients in several industries, in regard to their awareness of paperless and e-signature solutions, their needs and how they adapt such products.

CIVITTA analysts designed and conducted qualitative and quantitative research and summarized the conclusions in the report on the basis of which Asseco Data Systems adjusted its marketing strategy and developed the report "Business in the paperless era. Are we ready for it?".

Understanding the digital transformation

Asseco Data Systems is a leading supplier of paperless solutions, and in particular e-signatures. Asseco Data Systems is one of the 5 suppliers authorized by the National Certification Center to issue qualified certificates (e-signatures) in Poland.

The client needed an analysis of knowledge and use of paperless and e-signature solutions in the following sectors:

  • franchise retail chains,
  • private service,
  • debt collection companies,
  • debt management,
  • loan companies,
  • developers,
  • TV service providers.

Quantitative and qualitative interviews, covering every step in the AIDA model

CIVITTA analysts designed the research using both quantitative and qualitative techniques.

The quantitative part of the survey was based on a contact database prepared by CIVITTA, accepted by the client, covering the largest companies in the chosen industries. The trial sample was N=300 interviews.

In the qualitative part, interviews were conducted with leaders of each industry. The trial sample was N=30 of in-depth interviews (IDIs). The respondents were directors and managers on the operational level or digital transformation specialists.

The scope of the analysis covered the entire AIDA process for adaptation of the innovations (Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action), and in particular included:

  • awareness of the existence of paperless / e-signature solutions,
  • usage of paperless / e-signature solutions,
  • existence of a digital transformation specialist position in the company's organizational structures,
  • existence of a budget dedicated to digital transformation,
  • functioning of a local (Polish) decision-making centre in the field of digital transformation,
  • plans for digital transformation.

Identification of bottlenecks in the implementation of paperless solutions

The report prepared by CIVITTA provided concrete data that was used to verify the client's beliefs and to publish some of the results under the client's brand. The conclusions in the report showed inhibiting factors in the process of implementing electronic document circulation and e-signature solutions at each of the stages identified in the study:

  • approach to innovation,
  • knowledge about the new solution,
  • access to the solution or technology,
  • price availability,
  • readiness for implementation.

In particular, the CIVITTA research answered the client's question why as many as 46% of the surveyed companies do not currently use e-signature and electronic document circulation, while 92% of the surveyed companies are aware of the versatility and usefulness of these tools.

In which industries should implementations be expected at the earliest? Which business processes could benefit the most from innovation? How does knowledge about tools translate into their everyday use? Answers to these types of questions are the foundation of any product strategy in an innovative company. When examining the attitudes of potential customers, it is important to consider all stages of adaptation of new technology, for example using the AIDA model (Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action).

The report based on CIVITTA research and opinions, published in Polish by Asseco Data Systems, can be found here.

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